Did you Know...?

Even those of you who have shopped at Pioneer Party for years might not know all the services we offer or merchandise that we carry...so here are a few that you might not have realized we have.  We are constantly looking for new and fresh items to please our customers...which is great - there are always new things when you come in!  

This is a picture of a darling mini Book of Mormon that has been wrapped in fabric.  It is nicely made with a foldover magnet to keep it shut, and a ribbon for a bookmark.  These books were sold at Swiss Days and really are great.  They are perfect for putting in your purse or car... or to give to a missionary or someone who just got baptized.  

Balloon wraps
We custom-make gifts in a balloon!  You are welcome to bring in your own merchandise, or purchase something from us to put inside.  The opening is about 6" wide.  We have done wedding rings, $3000 in cash (for a payment to a dentist!), and numerous other fun things.  You don't see these around very much - so if you want a unique way to wrap a gift - especially for a child - this is way fun!  

Plant Baskets
These are the same kind you can get at a florist shop, but for seriously 1/3 of the cost!  These are great for funerals - especially since you can get a large one for a good price.  They are also a good alternative to a "regular" present - for birthdays & get wells especially.  A lot of the plants come in a cute planter instead of just a basket...so you can put one on your kitchen counter or bedroom for some nice color.

Ok, so did you learn something new?  
Please comment if you have any questions or want more info!  

Have a great week!


Kyle and Marci said…
I love your blog. I got it from my mother in law and she lives in Beaver. I live in Washington state. Is there an easier way for me to get the V.T. messages every month? Also, I love this fabric cover for the B of M. Is there anyway I can see a better picture of it? I do thank you for having this blog and for a store like this. I can see myself being a devoted customer living 3 states away. Thank you also for shipping to us LDS gals living outside of Utah!!
Hi Marci! I am glad you found our store! I can email you a better picture of the B of M at the beginning of next week. As far as the VT messages go, we SHOULD have our website up and going around Oct.1st, so you will be able to order them from our site. We are just trying to work out some bugs. I will announce it on our blog when it is ready. Have a great day! (send an email to us so I will have your email address for the B of M picture)

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