When Life Hands you Lemons...

When Life Hands you Lemons... MAKE LEMONADE!!

Do you know someone who could use a lift?  A laugh?  A little inspiration?  
We have a little section of goody bags that might give someone their smile back.  Here are a couple more examples...

"When you're walking on a ROCKY ROAD, remember to keep on walking!" (yes, we have the Rocky Road candybars to go with this one!)  

"Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant...Hope your day gets better!" (we have cellophane bags with dogs on them)

All of these bags are darling and very inexpensive.  Come grab a few to give away - it will make YOU feel good knowing you've made someone else's day!

Happy Giving


Austin said…
I like these. I feel bad for other cities that don't have you guys. We're spoiled in Lehi.

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