Long Lasting Balloons!

So the other day I was visiting a friend and noticed that her 16" Valentine balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating...dwindling by the ground, but still floating.  Then while at aerobics class today a friend mentioned that the fish balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating on the ceiling!  Wow!  Over a month of float time!  Definitely worth the extra 15 cents, don't you think?!

So what makes our balloons last so long?  It's the ultra super duper hi-float that we squirt in each balloon.  The hi-float is a liquid plastic that seals the pores of the latex, so that helium cannot leak out of those teeny little holes!  But, what makes the biggest difference, is that we train our "gals" to put in JUST the right amount, and it has to be spread EVENLY around the whole inside of the balloon.  Other party stores might use the ultra super duper hi-float, but the employees might put too much in (which makes the balloon too heavy) or not enough (it doesn't seal the pores, allowing helium to get out), so the hi-float doesn't do the job.  So there you have it!  Our secret is out!  

Another tip for balloons to last a very long time:  allow your balloons at least 2 hours of inside "drying" time before putting them outside.  This allows the hi-float to fully dry and seal the pores of the latex.  

A little bit more info:  hi-float usually gives your balloons 3-5 extra days of float time.  We charge .15 each balloon extra for hi-float, or $1.00 for a dozen balloons...

So we want to hear YOUR experience with Pioneer Party's balloons.  Do you have one? Let's hear it!  

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