Check out our new products! One of our favorites is the "textile gift box set" which includes a fabric wrapped box, gift tag, lots of ribbon, and tissue paper! Everything is color coordinated with darling modern prints. They come in small and medium for $4.99 and $5.99. It is so nice to be able to pick up ONE simple package and have ALL you need to wrap a gift in style! Your gift will totally stand out in the crowd.
Plus, if you recieve a Hullabaloo box, you can reuse it for storage or another gift!

The other product we carry are baskets and interchangeable basket liners.
These are great for decorating with, organizing, storing, or gifting!


Sarah said…
I have recently purchased some of these, and loved giving them to people! Most people that I gave them to loved the box more than the present:) Way cute way to wrap up a present! Thanks for carrying these in your store!
Molly said…
i love these things! so simple and such trendy designs! gift perfection!

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