Bridal Shower Tip:

It’s Time To Weigh In!

That’s right! Bridal Shower games are hard to find, and sometimes just a try this idea: Every woman knows that purses are a necessity. You can carry pretty much anything in them. So do a weigh in. Have all the guest line up to weigh their purses and have prizes for the lightest purse, and the heaviest purse! The prize can be anything from a small bag of chocolate coins, to a brand new purse! Get creative! This activity could also be done at any gathering - Bunko night, girls night, family reunions, etc.!!
Do you have a good idea for a Bridal Shower? Drop us a comment of what has worked for you...let's share!


The Hovers said…
I'm not a big fan of bridal shower games, but that sounds like one I could handle.
Amy said…
I have not played that one before, sounds like fun! I love the ideas you have at your store! You are so creative and I love coming in for great gift ideas! Keep up the great work, gals!!!

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