67 Steps

is all it takes to get into our store from one of the very furthest parking spots available!

Does that sound like a lot?


Well, we did a case study.

And... here are the results...

160 is the average number of steps it takes to get into Wal-Mart.
This is from the middle towards the back, so a straight shot to the doors. Add 15-50 more steps if you are coming in at an angle.

133 is the average number of steps it takes to get into Target.
This is also from the middle towards the back, so add more steps if coming from an angle.

Now without getting all sassy, I just want to point out that I don't hear complaints about parking at either of the above stores. It just seems normal to park out in the middle of nowhere and walk a bit, right?

So my whole point to this post is please don't let the parking situation scare you away! We try to make up for any parking difficulties in the way we treat you once you are in our store.

Also, there is a standing offer to help you out to your car with your purchases! Especially if you have kids or a balloon order.... we are more than happy help out with your kids, bags, or balloons! (we do this many times a day)

Some customers choose to park at the end of the block - either by the bakery (on the west side) or across from the Legacy center (on the east side)... if you are worried about putting your life in danger with the main street traffic, this would be a good idea for you!

So next time you come by, we wish you luck at getting one of the prime spots right in front of our doors! But if luck isn't with you, then just think - 67 steps (or less) is just part of your daily exercise regimen!
It could be worse.

Happy Walking!


Heidi said…
Good point! I usually go to your store, then drive to the Legacy Center. I should start parking over there and save myself a step (or two). :)

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