Do you have something to say...

and don't know quite how to say it?

Then bring in these quirky little notepads!

We just got them in - and you are going to LOVE them.

There are pocket/purse pads to organize yourself...

Wouldn't this MOOD ALERT pad be perfect to post on your bathroom mirror so when your husband comes home from work, he knows EXACTLY what kind of mood you're in? Or if you have an emotional friend - wrap this up and give it to her as a little joke. haha

This is a great pad for the office... as long as no one gets caught!

There are a ton of others to choose from! My favorite I can't even show on this site because it has a naughty word on the front. You'll just have to come in and see it with your own eyes.

Don't forget about the Sidewalk Boutique that is coming up this Saturday. Check out our previous post for details... and we will remind you again later this week!


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