As seen on T.V... Back to School Survival Package

72 Hour Back to School
Survival Package
1- Back to School Survival Kit
3-Back Pack Snacks
1- Teacher Gift
all for only
This is a great way to make your kids Smile,
and let them know you are thinking about them
those first few days back at school!
+ the Teacher will love the cute little
Back to School Fuel
& note she recieves from your child.

Here is the link to the Studio 5 presentation, in case you missed it!


Lambert's said…
Saw you on Studio 5 today. Loved your school ideas so I decided to visit your blog. I love the RS notebook w/message. I am in Roosevelt, but will stop by your store sometime. Thanks!
Tiffany said…
Very Cute. I can't wait to come in and see them. They will help make my son feel extra special when school starts.
David Stark said…
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