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December Visiting Teaching Message

Oh wow - these gifts are spectacular! Each month SO much thought and time goes into preparing and making each one just perfect. This month was no exception! The message is entitled, "Nurture Through Compassionate Service." One of the passages that stood out to us was that of Sister Barbara Thompson. She talks about doing our part to help build the kingdom of God... and the fact that we will have help in doing this. She then quotes Joseph Smith: "If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates." What a great promise!! Wow. We decided to highlight that and had a magnet designed just for this particular gift. It has the quote from Joseph Smith on it, as well as a picture of an angel. And here is the exciting part... The angel pictured on the magnet was the first angel to decorate an LDS temple in our dispensation. It stood on top of the original Nauvoo temple. It is very vintage looking - and instead of being vertical (

A Big Thanksgiving...

THANK YOU. To all of our loyal, long time customers who have supported us through the years... Thank You. To all of our new customers who have brought excitement and "oooohs and aahhhs..." Thank You. To the faithful Studio 5 viewers who support and watch our segments... Thank You. To our wonderful boss who supports us and lets us be creative... Thank You. We really are grateful for our wonderful guests. Thank you for shopping at our store! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Holiday Cookie Party

Just wanted to share this link with you on HOW TO host a Holiday Cookie Swap Party! Sounds like fun... And really not a whole lot of work! If you decide to actually host one of these yummy get-togethers, keep in mind that we have many packaging options for your cookies; chinese take-out containers, colored and kraft gable boxes, and lots of paper boxes, perfect for placing a few cookies down inside! Tie up with some ribbon and you have yourself a neighbor gift (or two)! Pick up a room spray for a door prize, some balloons as a centerpiece - and you're done! Wahoo! Let me know how your cookie swap party goes...

Studio 5 Viewer's Special

Did you see us on Studio 5 today? Print out this coupon and bring it in today or tomorrow for 20% off one entire purchase! Yey! It would be a great time to grab some Thanksgiving favors, Christmas cellophane, and maybe a little something just for YOU! If you missed the segment on TV, check it out HERE. Have a great weekend!

Thanksgiving Ideas

I just came across a couple of cute Thanksgiving projects to do with kids... Just click on the title and it will take you to the websites... Corny Cookies This Thankful Turkey is also cute: And yet one more that one of our great employees made up: Soda Can Turkey (sorry I know this picture is small!) Mark your calendar - This Friday I will be presenting on Studio 5 again - with the topic being "Thanksgiving Favors, Placecards, and Hostess Gifts" Tune in for ideas and also a "Studio 5 Viewers Special"

What do YOU want?

First of all, when I started this blog over a year ago, I don't think I ever properly introduced myself. I was so caught up in experimenting (I was new to the blog world) that I was a little shy. So here I go... My name is Emily and I am one of the (2) store managers. Pioneer Party is my second home. It has been a part of my family my entire life. I remember going with my dad to the "Drug Store" (see this for background on that) and playing on the crutches in the back room. I remember watching the junior high kids come in at lunch time to buy drinks, candy bars, and penny candy. I remember learning how to stock shelves the right way, check in orders, blow up balloons, and make goody bags. I remember the year we switched from being Lehi Drug to Pioneer Party... changing the sign, having a pizza party while we installed carpet, and putting new displays together. I have now officially worked for over 16 years. Wow, huh?! I did take a break when I went to Dix

We have Christmas Cellophane Bags

And we have A LOT! We have a lots of prints and lots of sizes right now, but they do go fast! Here are just a few samples Just wanted to let you know they are out and available! They will be on our website soon for purchase. You can also call the store for shipments if you don't want to wait. And just FYI, there are less than 50 more days until Christmas...! How do you feel about that?

Back by Popular Demand...

KMK Scented Room Sprays! In the past, we carried some wonderful scented room sprays from a company based in Layton. About a year ago, they changed from wholesale sales to home-based sales, so we were not able to order anymore. Some of our customers were so sad! These room sprays were a staple in lots of our guests' homes! About a month ago, we got a call from KMK saying that they had SO many of our customers call and ask where they could buy the sprays... so they were going to let us order from them again! Yey! I know, that was a lot of information, but we are excited that THEY ARE BACK! So thank you to anyone that made that happen. They are $10.99 a bottle and they really do last months! A couple of sprays in any given room is just like burning a candle for hours. They are so nice to hurry and spray before company comes. Some of the most popular scents we have in right now are: Home Sweet Home Harvest Spice Lemon Peel Welcome Home Mention this post and take 20% off y

November Visiting Teaching Message...

is here and ready! And boy are they cute. Definitely a personal favorite. It's fun to put together the message/gift from the Conference talks. There are always so many great quotes to choose from. Here are some pics: An apron-shaped pouch with the label that reads, "Add the words of the prophets to your Thanksgiving Menu" Turn it around and you fill find a yummy Cup-O-Gold and a Thanksgiving Menu tucked inside the pouch. All items on this special "menu" are quotes from the from the October Conference. There are 6 different apron prints to choose from-and they are all so darn cute. I love the colors! It makes me want to hold onto fall forever...(please snow - don't come!) If you would like to purchase these online, visit our website at Or come by our store! We would love to see you. And by the way... THANKS so much for your excitement and support each month. It is so fun to hear comments and personal stories about your