November Visiting Teaching Message...

is here and ready! And boy are they cute. Definitely a personal favorite. It's fun to put together the message/gift from the Conference talks. There are always so many great quotes to choose from.
Here are some pics:

An apron-shaped pouch with the label that reads,
"Add the words of the prophets to your Thanksgiving Menu"

Turn it around and you fill find a yummy Cup-O-Gold and a Thanksgiving Menu tucked inside the pouch. All items on this special "menu" are quotes from the from the October Conference.

There are 6 different apron prints to choose from-and they are all so darn cute.
I love the colors! It makes me want to hold onto fall forever...(please snow - don't come!)

If you would like to purchase these online, visit our website at

Or come by our store! We would love to see you.
And by the way... THANKS so much for your excitement and support each month. It is so fun to hear comments and personal stories about your VT experiences. Keep up the good work!


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