January Visiting Teaching Gifts

Are here!
The message title from the Ensign is "Becoming Self-Reliant."
We want to MOTIVATE the recipient to
"Ring in the New You!" by following the counsel given in the message...

So we highlighted a few of the key points in a brightly colored block pattern -
Gain knowledge & education, take responsibility, be emotionally, physically, and spiritually STRONG, and Manage Money wisely.
(The treat this month is a pack of M&M's).

This 5x7 glossy card has the message from the Ensign in its entirety printed on the back for the sisters to read. This would easily turn into a nice bookmark.

To help start out the New Year the right way, we are helping you
"Manage your Money wisely" by offering these VT gifts at the low cost of $2.50!

Visit our webpage at www.pioneerpartyandgift.com to buy them online, or better yet - come by our store!
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