I love you Because... with Balloons

One year for Valentine's Day, I brought about 5 dozen assorted balloons home and filled up my bedroom.  The color scheme was red & black.  On little pieces of paper, I wrote on each one a reason why I loved my husband, and tied it to the string on the bottom of the balloon. 

When he came home, he saw all the balloons (which is fun even without the love notes) but then he started noticing the little handwritten tags... and I think it made his day!  Which is what I was going for.  

So easy.  A great memory.  And if you scrapbook - think of how cute all those little love notes would be all preserved for future generations to read!

A little different twist on this idea:
-Get 100 little pieces of paper and write a note on each one.  The first one can explain that there are AT LEAST 100 things you love about your sweetheart.
-Make a little "path" using your notes: start at the front door and wind them on the floor into the bathroom, out to the hall, into the kitchen, then to the bedroom, etc.
-Leave an occasional treat along the path... or tie each tag to a treat.
-This could be cute for kids, too!


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