I Love you Because

A few years ago, we created a bag line called, 
"I love you because..."
Each bag has a tag that starts with "I love you because..." and then each has a different reason that went along with what treat was inside the bag. The idea being that you would give a little "I love you" bag to your honey the 5 or 6 days leading up to Valentine's Day... 
For example:  "I love you because...you're my BIG HUNK!"  or 
"I love you because... of all the EXTRA little things you do for me"
So those are easy, right?  You can do that!
Come up with 3 or 4 reasons why you love your man (or kids) and create your little gifts.  
These are great to leave on the seat of a car, on the bathroom counter, on a pillow, etc.
If you need a little help, let us know!  We can do special orders with 24 hours notice.


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