Kid Valentine Ideas - Make it Special!

I know, I know, Valentine's Day is officially for sweethearts.  But what about the kids?  They do get the classroom parties and the exchange of Valentine's... but let's make sure they know they are loved at home this year!  Here are some ideas:

Plan a quick & easy Valentine dinner for tonight.  On the menu:  heart shaped pizza, candlelight spaghetti dinner, and heart shaped brownies.  Easy.  No stress.  Hardly any planning.

Come and grab a Valentine Bingo set from us and have a family game night.

For breakfast, have the table set when the kids wake up.  At each setting, have just a small gift for them.  How exciting!  They will love it.  On the menu:  grab your bread and cut out a heart from the middle of each slice (cookie cutter, or use a knife).  Grease your pan and set down your bread.  Crack an egg in the middle of each heart.  Cook til desired and then turn.  The hearts that you cut out can be used to make french toast!  I did this the other morning, and my 4 year old thought it was SO COOL to have a heart shaped french toast.  

Grab some Love Bug Droppings (red hots or any red candies) to leave on each child's pillow... they will find it when they crawl into bed tonight.  

For the girlies, this little daisy purse is to die for.  Fill it up with some treats, jewelry, lotions, fingernail polish... you get the idea.  They are 15% off today - along with anything you stuff in them!

Hope I got your mind going with some ideas.  Most of you already have it all planned out.  But for those last minute finishing touches... we are here!  
Happy Valentine's Day!


Connie said…
I should have checked this out earlier today! Such cute ideas!

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