Quick Valentine Game Idea

If you are a procrastinator (like me), then you might just need a quick activity for a Valentine school class party.  This requires hardly any preparation, and it will work for most age groups.  
Keep in mind - it really is simple - but can be fun!

The basic idea:  
Get a colored piece of paper and cut out a big heart.
Either rip or cut the heart into pieces, creating a puzzle.
Hide the pieces around the classroom (or at home).
Have kids gather the pieces of the heart and put the puzzle together!

Easy, huh?

For a classroom, divide the class into ___ groups (whatever works for you!)
Each group will have a different colored heart to find.
The team that gathers the pieces and puts their puzzle together fastest WINS!

To spice it up a bit - turn on some fun lovey dovey music while the kids are searching for their pieces... or even add another element:  Once the puzzle is put together, the group has to write a message to their teacher on it.  Be creative - there are lots of variations you can make up to add some fun.

Hope that helps!


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