"Here She Comes...

Miss Utah... "  Every year there are beauty & scholarship pageants held all over the US, including Utah.  With the stages, the lights, the sound, the music, the make-up and all the other things that go into making one night magical, so much time and effort goes unrecognized.  But this year, the committee for Miss Utah came to US for help in saying thanks to all the individuals who put in many hours for that one night.  Here's what we came up with:


So we just put different thank you bags inside a cute brown box with a tag that says: "A box full of THANKS for you!"  How fun is that?!


Esther Asbury said…
Love these creative and cute ideas!!
AHemsher said…
I've been searching all morning for something printable that I can use for a Thank you and put together myself at home. I love the look of all of it in one box, but how would I get the tags you've used if I don't have the tools at home?
Hi AHemsher, I apologize for just seeing your comment. I am glad you found us, however, we do not sell our custom tags. We do post some on our Facebook page occasionally, so go check us out there! If you ever have a question or need our help, please email @ pioneerparty154@gmail.com and we will respond quicker!
Lavand said…
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