Lots Going On

this week at our store!  So here's a rundown:

THURSDAY Emily will be on Studio 5 (11 a.m. on Channel 5) to show some fun Father's Day Gifts
SATURDAY is our Sidewalk Boutique - here at our store from 9 am- 2 pm.  We are SO EXCITED!  We will have handbags, jewelry, vintage furniture pieces (SO CUTE), shirts, women's hats, Bumbles watches, baby accessories that are so flippin cute (seeing some of their merchandise will make you baby hungry), headbands, and so much more!  Definitely worth the trip down!
SATURDAY we will also have a booth at the Miss Lehi Pageant... with little good luck and inspirational gifts.

We also have our new
Visiting Teaching gifts for June SOLD HERE. 

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Have a Happy Week!


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