It's That Time Again...

For a new visiting teaching message:

For the October 2010 Visiting Teaching Message, the LDS church put out the following statement:  "The October 2010 Liahona and Ensign will be a special issue focusing entirely on temples.  The issue will not contain a specific First Presidency Message or Visiting Teaching Message.  Home and visiting teachers are encouraged to prayerfully select their message from the contents of this special issue."

Since each sister is supposed to prayerfully select a message about the temple, we decided to create a Halloween gift to give along with your own personal prepared message.  The tag on the outside reads, "The Temple - Getting there's a TRICK, but being there's a TREAT!"  Isn't it so true?  (See more pictures here).

Inside this little (4"x4"x4") black pinstripe box is a Reese's peanut butter pumpkin (who can resist?) wrapped with a lovely b/w damask piece of tissue, and a creative message that talks about "Through the Temple - 1)The Holy Ghost can be with us always, 2) Our Kindred Dead can Rest in Peace, and 3) We can face the Monsters in our own daily lives" - a cute play-on-words to fit in with the season!  A quote from a general authority is included to go along with each saying.

These fun gifts are available in-store or online.  As you share your own personal message about the temple along side our festive gift, we hope that you will have a spooktacular time!

(Don't forget the Home Teaching Message!)


Sarah said…
just went in the store today & am dying over all of your Halloween stuff!! It's the cutest! Didn't have time to search through it all but definitely making a trip back-soon!
Thanks for your comment Sarah! It made my day... - Emily

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