Felt Wreath

I LOVE Valentine's Day!  Well, not sometimes the actual DAY, but all the fun leading up to the actual day.  The busy-ness of getting the store ready... all the cute little gifts that we make up for others to give away... seeing men come in totally clueless and helping them get an awesome Valentine's gift for their wife or children.  Also love the decorations.  Balloons, wreaths, ribbon, scrapbook paper, candy in jars, etc.  Anyhoo...

Here is something that I love.  And can't wait to make.  Soon!

Isn't that the cutest thing EVER?  
I want to get a lovey dovey chick flick with some of my 
girlfriends and sit and make it while eating chocolate.  
Sound good?  
(click on the picture for instructions)


Unknown said…
I like your blog,Totally interesting info about the valentine day ideas.Give more pictures related to this topic.Thanks for sharing this wonderful detail.

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