January 2011 Visiting Teaching Gift

VT January 2011 - The History & Heritage of the Relief Society

Our Visiting Teaching Gift this month looks like something that might have been shared between sisters in Old Nauvoo.

The message encourages us to "look into the past to know how to face the future."  This thought is printed on vellum, which covers a window in the brown paper sack. As you lift the vellum, you will see a picture of a group of sisters meeting with Joseph Smith as they organized the Relief Society on March 17, 1842.


As we were pondering what kind of treat to include this month, we wondered what would sisters share with each other back in the day? We had lots of ideas come to mind, but nothing we could package up and share with you! Until we came across a cornbread muffin mix.  Perfect! Something to whip up fast (a little easier than it used to be), be filling and warm during these cold winter days.

Hopefully you enjoy sharing this simple little gift with your sisters!
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