Valentine's is in the Air

We are READY!  Valentine's Day is only 18 days away, and we have been busy making THE cutest things.
Do you know what you're giving your sweetheart?  What about the kids' valentine's?  Here are just 3 ideas to get you thinking...

The "target" Valentine... that says, "I was right on TARGET when I fell in love with you!"  Filled with lots of delicious goodies - but even better, buy a Target gift card to add to it!  (I want my husband to buy ME this!)

The "i love you" box - filled with 52 blank hearts for you to write down all the reasons you love your special someone.  Don't forget the "Fragile:  Handle with care - Many hearts enclosed in package"  Oooohhh...So sentimental!

And this oversized pixy stick saying "You're my PIX for a Valentine!"  (the pixy stick is almost 2 feet long)
Call to special order a box of giant pixy sticks to make your own!

Hopefully that got you thinking.  I know there are oodles of ideas out there.  Feel free to share links or send us pics of what YOU are creating this year!   Remember we're on Facebook, too - which seems to be updated a little more often than the blog.  Hope you have a great weekend!


Renee said…
So cute...thanks for sharing!!!

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