September Visiting Teaching Gift

I love-love-LOVE how these visiting teaching gifts turned out!

The vintage "back to school" theme notebook includes 5 total pages:
(pg 1) the full message from the Ensign
(pg 2, 3, & 4) great quotes from the message that could be put in your scriptures or hung on a refrigerator
(pg 5) a daily/weekly "to-do" checklist of gospel principles

It is all put together with an oversized paper-clip (complete with blue polka dot ribbon), a rubber band, and some old fashioned candy sticks.

The tag clipped to the outside says, 
"{Stick} 2 your spiritual studies + {Stick} 2 gospel principles = 4 a strong family!"
(The title of the message is "Strengthening Families by Increasing Spirituality")

Aren't they to die for?
To purchase these inexpensive visiting teaching gifts


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