Lacy Ruffle Leggings

I don't normally post every new product we get in, but I can't help it today...
Just look at these!  I can't stand it.  I want one of every color for my little Anna, and one for each of my nieces, and maybe a couple extra for upcoming baby showers...

They are available for a limited time only in our store in Lehi, (not on our website - sorry).  You can also call or email the store to have yours shipped today!



If you're like me, I'm going to be "stuck" at home with the kiddos for New Years Eve - and to make it FUN, we need some ideas, right?!  Here are a few that we've gathered for you:

BURST the BALLOONS - Have the kids POP a balloon and inside is an activity for them to do...

Similar to above... have a COUNTDOWN by the HOUR.  Choose approximately 6 activities to do, and wrap them up with the TIME of the day to open the package and do that activity!  Read below for lots of fun activities to do:

Here are a few ideas for different activities that can be done throughout the night. Each activity you choose will be wrapped up in a container or just with ribbon and have a clock set for the time that it will be opened.
1. Baking – any recipe will do! Cookies, brownies – something to decorate afterwards makes this activity a “craft” and a treat! Cut your cookies out in all different shapes to make look like confetti – frost in all different colors, add sprinkles, and deliver to a neighbor!
2. Pedicures – (obviously for a group of gals) Have someone come and do glitter toes for everyone, or get your own supplies and give yourself a new do! Soak the feet in coordinating colored buckets, have individual supplies for each guest, and break out all the nail polish.
3. Movie watching – open up your bag and have 3 different movies to watch. Each movie is labeled (#1, #2, #3) Take a vote on which movie to watch or randomly draw a number. Don’t forget the microwave popcorn!
4. Flashlight Limbo- Grab 2 flashlights shining towards each other to make the limbo line, turn off the lights, and limbo away! Don’t forget the music!
5. Silly Snapshots – Grab a camera (or more, if possible). Gather some fun props – sunglasses, hats, high heels, purses, scarves – even non-clothing items such as a broom, margarita glasses, pots and pans, etc. Give everybody the assignment of using the props to take some silly photos. Inside, outside, upside down… the more creative and silly the better! After all snapping is done, look at your pics on the TV as a slideshow. This is really fun; even for adults! Don’t forget to print out the pics or get everyone’s emails to send afterwards.
6. Classic Board or Card Games: gather up all your favorites, wrap up with a ribbon and have fun! Set a designated time to start and stop if you want to get all the other activities in.
7. Crafts Galore: Necklace or bracelet making (with food items or real beads), scrapbooking, etc. Have all the supplies ready to go beforehand.
8. Snow Painting: You will need spray bottles filled with water. Add food coloring to make your “paint.”  Send guests outside (bundled up, of course) to paint the snow! You could give a prize for the most unique painting.
9. Scavenger Hunt: Hide New Years supplies (horn, hat, mardi gras beads, etc.) either in the house or around the neighborhood. Split into teams and give each team a list of what they need to find. First team back with all the items wins! Another option is to not hide the items beforehand, and have the teams actually knock on doors to find the items.
10. Bubble Wrap Stomp: As part of the grand finale, purchase a big roll of LARGE bubbled bubble wrap (it pops easier). Roll it out on a hard floor or sidewalk and let the kids jump like crazy at midnight! It sounds like firecrackers are going off!
11. Stuff the Balloons: This can be done before your party, or used as a craft during the party. Either buy or make your own confetti (making your own can be fun for kids!) and using a funnel, fill your balloons with a small handful of confetti. Blow them up, attach string, and hang upside down from the ceiling. Just before midnight, each guest is given a pin to POP the balloons! A great way to end the night in a “magical and festive” way. Don’t forget the camera because the confetti falling creates a great scene.
12. Snow Sculpting: Split guests into groups of 2. Each team will have a big mixing bowl… Send them outside to fill up their bowls with snow. Then everyone comes back in and makes a “sculpture” out of their snow before it melts! You can give each team random supplies: knives, spoons, food coloring, etc. to help with their sculpting.
13. Play the CANDY GAME: (You will need at least one candybar for each guest – but more is better; as well as a variety of candy – some big, some small – hard to find candy is great, too. All the candy is set on a table or the floor in the middle of the circle. Also a pair of dice and a brown paper sack for each guest). Have guests sit in a circle. First player rolls the dice onto a small plate or tray. If the guest rolls a 1 OR a 6 on either die, he/she gets to choose a candy out of the middle and put it in your brown bag. (Choose 2 candies if you roll a 1 AND a 6) . Do this until all the candy from the middle is gone. Then set the timer – 5, 7, 10 minutes depending upon how long you want the game to last. Again, you roll the dice and if you get a 1 or a 6, you get to “steal” a candy away from another player. This is where you have to REMEMBER who took WHAT and ask for the candy by name. If you guess right – they have to give you the candy. If you guess WRONG, you have to give them something from your bag. It’s fun to see who “fights” over what candy!
14. New Years Resolution Game: At the first of the party, give everyone a 4x6 piece of paper and have them write down their top 3 New Years goals. Gather them up and put in a hat or other container. After a couple hours, have each guest “draw” a card from the hat. Take turns reading the goals and guessing which goals go to what person! You can keep track of points: 1 point for each right guess.


Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Here is the video from our Studio 5 TV appearance today!  Thanks so much to KSL for having us on again!  We hope you are inspired and have plenty of ideas to choose from to get your teacher something that will really stand out!  If you need even more ideas, check out last years segment on Studio 5 when we also showed some fun Christmas Teacher Gifts!

Which one was your favorite?

Christmas Teacher Gift - Glue Sticks

As seen on Studio 5 - another practical gift to give your teacher this year.  Grab some glue sticks - the more the merrier!  Line them up and straighten so all the words are facing the same way.  Use clear packing tape (not the dollar store brand!) and carefully tape them all together.  Use two long pieces of tape - one for each side, overlapping them a bit on the top and bottom.  Once you know the glue sticks are definitely stuck together, add your ribbon!  We added two strips, tied them at the top, and then again so we can hang it on the teacher's doorknob at school.  Add your tag and you're done!  Cute and practical!

Right click on the tag, copy and paste it into a word document.  You can then resize and print from there.  We can also print them in our store if you would like!

Christmas Teacher Gift - File Drawer

As seen on Studio 5... 
One of the practical gifts we talked about - a file drawer!
You can pick a mini or full size one up for about $5-$8, or use file folders.
(This might or might not have been inspired by those certain few teachers who just might need a little help with organization in their classroom... !)

Just click on the image below, copy and paste it into your Word document.
You can then re-size it like you would a picture and print.
You can also come into our store and we will print it for you in a high quality format.

Happy Giving!


Christmas Teacher Gifts

Tune in Tuesday, December 13th at 11:00 a.m. to see some NEW Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas! 
 One of our favorites?  Practical yet creative - the Paper Towel Christmas Tree!  Check it out:

And... head over to Facebook, "like" our page, and then COME INTO our store and receive 15% off your teacher Christmas gifts!  Online purchases can use the code "MERRY"


$5 Jewelry!

Come to our store Friday, December 9th from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for our Paparazzi Jewelry Party!
All pieces are $5 and under!  Necklace/earring sets, headbands, hairbows, etc...
And they are DARLING!

Also, get one item at 40% OFF (Pioneer Party merchandise, some exceptions)!  So if you have been eyeing a purse, a hat, a Christmas sign or subway art... come in and get a deal!


December Visiting Teaching Gifts!

I am so excited to show you these beautiful gifts!  We've used a collection of paper that has creams, browns, and blues combined with glitter to make these a very eye catching gift for such a special season.

One of the quotes we really liked says, "Every sister who lives as a woman of God becomes a Beacon for others to follow..." (Elder M. Russell Ballard) - so we've created a beautiful bookmark that is included in each gift.  A picture of the Mt. Timpanogas Temple was used for the bookmark (and was taken by a local photographer, Nate Ekins) and is exclusive to Pioneer Party.

Also included in the gift pouch is the full message from the Ensign, printed on cream paper, and a Mrs. Cavanaughs gourmet candybar.  The chocolates are (seriously) delicious!  You will receive one of three different kinds:  a white chocolate almond coconut, a dark chocolate roasted almond, and a milk chocolate caramel bar.

Of course each gift is wrapped using beautiful ribbon and a "Warm Christmas Wishes" tag is attached to the outside.

To purchase December's Visiting Teaching Gift, visit our store in Lehi or shop online.
Don't forget to check out our Home Teaching Messages as well!