Christmas Teacher Gift - Glue Sticks

As seen on Studio 5 - another practical gift to give your teacher this year.  Grab some glue sticks - the more the merrier!  Line them up and straighten so all the words are facing the same way.  Use clear packing tape (not the dollar store brand!) and carefully tape them all together.  Use two long pieces of tape - one for each side, overlapping them a bit on the top and bottom.  Once you know the glue sticks are definitely stuck together, add your ribbon!  We added two strips, tied them at the top, and then again so we can hang it on the teacher's doorknob at school.  Add your tag and you're done!  Cute and practical!

Right click on the tag, copy and paste it into a word document.  You can then resize and print from there.  We can also print them in our store if you would like!


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