April Fools Day Ideas!

The day of jokes is coming up soon - and we have some fun tricks up our sleeve! Here are a few of our favorites:

Give your husband a scare by bringing home "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy!" balloons to announce a fake pregnancy! (order your balloons here and just pick them up!)

Tell your kids you made brownies for them - really hype it up and get them excited, then pull out a pan of brown E's! (We suggest having a back up of REAL brownies, otherwise this might be just too mean!)

We have a bunch of inexpensive prank items to choose from! Try the mouse or fake poop and set them around the house or office to startle a friend (on a pillow, keyboard, car seat, breakfast plate, etc). Get the fake bullet hole stickers and put on your friends windshield to give them a scare, or try dumping some of our itch powder in your husbands shirt before work!

Some additional ideas:
  • Unscrew the shower head, add kool-aid, replace. Whoever takes a shower next will get a colorful, sticky shower!
  • Take out a fake classified ad and put a friend or family members phone number as the contact - they will get random phone calls all day!
  • Skim off the top layer of a solid deodorant stick and replace it with cream cheese.
  • Bake "chocolate chip cookies" using mashed potatoes and raisins 
  • Fill ice cream cones with mashed potatoes and freeze them. Add nuts, cherries, sprinkles, etc. 

Happy pranking!

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