Graduation Leis!

It's that time of year - graduation! We are making candy leis like crazy and wanted to share some easy, fun ideas!

This one is fairly time consuming, but the end result is so fun! We took 3 frooties at a time and tied them together, and then tied them to the main string, alternating colors. We chose good ole Lehi purple, but this would also be cute in a rainbow of colors, chocolate brown, or of course, the school's colors!

Careful - this one was hard on my finger - lots of knot tying! 

This is a new favorite this year - a simple chunky patterned ribbon with a candy Pop Rocks attached, with a bright tag saying "YOU ROCK - Congratulations!"

This is a refreshing new look that we are loving, and so are the customers!

Who doesn't love rainbows and bubblegum?! This would be perfect for your preschooler or kindergartener's graduation, and we made it a little shorter just for the little ones. We've added a little bow on the side to add some flair!

And finally, our classic two-toned bubble gum lei! Perfect for any age, any school (since the bubble gum comes in a ton of colors), and cute for a guy or girl graduate!

We have tons of bubble gum & frooties in all colors as well as Pop Rocks and a good selection of cute ribbon - stop by the store to get your leis, or order other fun gifts HERE for your graduate!  

Also don't miss our FREE PRINTABLES to add to your graduation gifts!

Be sure and watch us tomorrow on Studio 5 at 1pm - we will be showing these cute leis and giving some good tips!


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