February Home & Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teaching:

Love is in the air and this month's Visiting Teaching gift is sure to make your visiting teaching visits a little more "lovely!"  The message from the February Ensign is entitled, "Marriage is Ordained of God."  

One of the quotes from the message says, "Now consider what happens in the relationship between the man and the woman as they individually and steadily ‘come unto Christ’ and strive to be ‘perfected in Him’" and we have used "Come Unto Christ with All your Heart" as the title to our gift.  

You'll get a white 4"x2"x2" box filled with the message itself and approximately 1.5 oz of milk chocolate Hershey Kisses.  We've wrapped it up with a darling tag, a little polka dot washi tape, and a black ribbon.  Just lovely, if we do say so ourselves!  Happy February!

Home Teaching:

Dieter F. Uchdorf's message in the February 2016 First Presidency Message is titled, "Landing Safely in Turbulence" and urges us to keep our eyes on the runway we want to land on instead of the wind, rain, or storms swirling around us. In the message, President Uchdorf says, "We should keep our eyes, heart, and mind focused on living the way we know we should." 

Keeping our heart focused on our goals is the theme of our home teaching message! We've wrapped a king sized package of Twizzlers  with President Uchdorf's message and attached a tag with this quote for you to use as a bookmark, give to a friend or put on your fridge. Happy February! And good luck keeping your eyes, HEART and mind focused on your goals!

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