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Mmmmmm! Don't these chocolate bars sound delish?! More flavors in store, don't miss it! Perfect stocking stuffer, or just for YOU after a long day Christmas shopping?! 

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Our famous Santa is out and jolly as ever!  Come in and get first dibs on all your teacher/neighbor/friend gifts for the holiday season, including this darling Santa's Magic Key! See you soon!

December Visiting Teaching Gifts

December's Visiting Teaching gifts are here!  It is always fun to create gifts around the holiday themes, especially this season.  The title of the message from the Ensign is "The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  The Only Begotten Son."   We've used a kraft box (2"x2"4"), filled it with the message (printed on a cream paper), 2 Pioneer Valley buttercream caramels, and a special magnet of Christ.  We received special permission from artist Del Parson (of Utah) to use one of his pictures of Christ, entitled "Jesus of Nazereth."  We added words at the bottom of the magnet "I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God," which is a quote from the message.  We hope that sisters nationwide will be able to view this magnet all year long and have it inspire them daily. The gift looks darling all done up with a strip of paper wrapped around the box (which has different names of Jesus printed all over it), red jute ribbo

12 Days of Christmas Missionary Style

Want a darling package to send to your missionary that is ALL READY to go?  We all have good intentions, but sometimes time slips away and those care packages or other crafts/gifts get put aside.  If you need to send something without all the fuss - let us help! Each day's card is designed in black and white and starts like this... "On the (1st) day of Christmas, the Savior gave to me..." We wanted to emphasize all the many things that the Savior has given all of us. Here is a brief summary of the candy bars included as well as the "gift" that the Savior has given us on that particular day.  Each card has either a scripture, a quote from a prophet, or lyrics to a song that correlates with the gift. Day 1 - A "Symphony" of Christmas songs Day 2 - A gospel that is worth way more than "100 Grand" Day 3 - A "Sweet" family to enjoy this life with... Day 4 - An opportunity to be a "Lifesaver" in other's li


Just wanted to let you know we have put one whole aisle of Christmas merchandise at 40% off!   Come get stickers, decorations, tablecovers, stocking stuffers, and lots more at 40% off!  It will be worth going out in this crazy snow... Happy Holidays

Christmas Chocolate Special

So you buy a 27 lb box of chocolate covered cinnamon bears, and you get 54 cellophane bags and a roll of ribbon.  You can split it up into 54 1/2 lb. gifts, or 27 1 lb gifts...!  Call & order yours today!

Holiday Open House - Don't Miss It!

20% off one item (some exceptions apply),  Shop our 50% off section, New & creative Neighbor Christmas Gifts, Inexpensive Jewelry, Hats, & Scarves, Refreshments from Dippidee's Bakery, FREE paraffin hand wax treatment, Drawings every half hour, A GREAT GIRLS NIGHT OUT! See you there!

Christmas Traditions...

I know, everyone is busy running around trying to get everything done with only 2 days left 'til Christmas! But I am curious to hear some of your favorite family traditions... One of mine is hearing Santa's bells on Christmas Eve. We all gather in the living room to open our "one" present, and somehow my mom or dad would sneak outside and run around the house with a strand of very real sounding jingle bells. I always thought it was so magical! It was always the sign that we needed to get to sleep FAST so Santa would leave our presents. Even to this day, whoever is at my parent's house, the bells still circle around the house - the kids LOVE it. Sometimes we even jump in the car and go to other's houses to let them hear the bells... it's always exciting to try and not get caught! I could list more, but I want to hear yours! If you have a couple minutes, take the time to leave a comment - I think it's fun to get new ideas, and I KNOW you have so

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Yes - we still have them!! Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas... The good ol standby of soda and popcorn...but packaged up cute! This brown box is filled with chocolate covered cinnamon bears, gourmet red/black raspberries, chocolate covered marshmallows, and yummy chocolate ice cubes. Grab one already made or buy the box and fill your own! We have darling flower clippies, scarves, necklaces (some as low as $8!), and bracelets! Perfect friend gifts or stocking stuffers for girls of all ages! Oh yeah - and seriously the cutest baby headbands for the holidays! Gummi Raspberries bottled in a jar... Chic stockings - 1/2 off! And hats to match - also 1/2 off! Santa is In - Santa is Out Wooden Sign - 1/2 off as well! We also still have cellophane bags in all sizes... they are definitely going fast, so come in quick and get what you need to finish off those last minute gifts.

Snowman Treat

I just found this picture online and thought I would share! Aren't they so cute! They totally make me smile! I am definitely not taking credit for these, but I couldn't find the original contributor. To make these cute little treats you will need: -White powdered mini donuts -Mini chocolate chips OR brown or black frosting (frosting works better to stick to the powder) -Candy corns or a real mini carrot carved to the right size

12 Days of Christmas

The Christmas Season has officially arrived... for some it came along time ago, others it might have started on Black Friday... and for me it always starts with our first family Christmas party, held on the first Saturday of December. It always gets me in the mood... and I have been thinking... what can I do this year to help someone else? Sometimes it's easy to know what to do; there are obvious needs in your neighborhood, or someone in your family has already organized some sort of sub for santa. But if you are stuck - like me - then maybe the 12 Days of Christmas packet is just what you need! Just pick someone that might need a little Christmas Cheer... an older couple, a single mom or dad, or even just some friends. This little packet comes with all the tags (each written in poem form) you will need and directions as to what goes with each tag. This particular one is pretty simple: Christmas placemats, cans or liter of Sprite, red & green M&M's, a Christm

Holiday Cookie Party

Just wanted to share this link with you on HOW TO host a Holiday Cookie Swap Party! Sounds like fun... And really not a whole lot of work! If you decide to actually host one of these yummy get-togethers, keep in mind that we have many packaging options for your cookies; chinese take-out containers, colored and kraft gable boxes, and lots of paper boxes, perfect for placing a few cookies down inside! Tie up with some ribbon and you have yourself a neighbor gift (or two)! Pick up a room spray for a door prize, some balloons as a centerpiece - and you're done! Wahoo! Let me know how your cookie swap party goes...

We have Christmas Cellophane Bags

And we have A LOT! We have a lots of prints and lots of sizes right now, but they do go fast! Here are just a few samples Just wanted to let you know they are out and available! They will be on our website soon for purchase. You can also call the store for shipments if you don't want to wait. And just FYI, there are less than 50 more days until Christmas...! How do you feel about that?