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Dance/Date Ideas: How to Ask & Answer

Since we named our store after our local high school Pioneers, we try hard to stock up on the Purple & White supplies (as well as blue for Westlake, red for American Fork) - and part of that "support" is helping the local kids come up with creative/unique ideas to ask and answer for dances at school.  So we have a binder full of ideas for them, and recently made a small section of items that they can actually pick up all ready to go and ask or answer that special someone!  Here are just a couple of the ideas: A can (or more) with the words "I CAN" typed out on cardstock with googly eyes glued on. We also have little eyeball balloons that would be fun to blow up and hang all over someone's room! Box of Honeycomb cereal with "Honeycomb your hair and come to the dance with me!" Also cute to add an oversized comb or a package of combs with this one. And the best saved for last... "I'll be BRIEF, will you go to the dance with me?" An