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Grandma's 80th Birthday Party - How To!

Last week a local crafter and fellow Studio 5 presenter showed us how to throw the PERFECT party for your grandmother.  Take a look at all the beautiful details!!  And also take note of all the fun ideas you could transfer to ANY PARTY!  I especially like the balloon backdrop (of course - because they are OUR balloons), the balloon launch idea, and the paper cup light garland!  How creative.  Thanks Mandy!!

(man, I couldn't get the video to load correctly onto our blog!!)

So... plan B - check out the video here.

To view text only of this segment, and for recipes - click onto Studio 5's website or Mandy's blog.


This One's For the Girls!

It's time to party: black and pink style!  If you can't come in store, then you won't be able to see the darling pink and black party section we have created to help you plan your parties.... so we decided to post it, so everyone can partake!  Here are a few pictures and ideas to help inspire you for your next girls night out:

Party Ideas:
  • Bunco
  • Clothing Exchange
  • Scrap-booking
  • Favorite Things Party
  • Spa Night
  • Jewelry Making
  • Night Out on the Town

What to Eat:
  • Cocktails & Cupcakes: (Non-Alcoholic of course!)  Get creative:  Serve pink lemonade with raspberries, champagne punch with cut up strawberries, raspberry sherbet with sprite, etc... along side with a smörgåsbord of cupcakes covered in bright pink sprinkles!  Yum!)
  • Salads & Sandwiches:  How great would a berry salad be with a raspberry vinaigrette?  You could serve this with tiny bite-size pink sandwiches (Our local bakery located right next to us on Main Street will take orders for pink bread... Does yours?)

What to Give:
  • DIY Spa Kit:  Fill a fun pink & black bag with fingernail polish, lip gloss, clippers, tweezers, lotion, body spray, nail file and chocolate to give to your guests as they leave.  (Most of this can be found at your nearest dollar store to help save you $$$)
  • Ladies Favorite Things Bag:  Before the party, ask your guests to bring one of their favorite things to the party (enough for each person involved).  It doesn't matter what it is... just as long as it's one of their most favorite things (and since it's a black and pink party, have them bring something that is black or pink).  Gather them all, and place in a black & pink bag for each person to take home when the party is over.  
  • Door Prizes:  This could be anything!  Jewelry, hats, head wraps, candy sticks, flower clips or anything in our darling pink gable box.  
So for those of you who don't know... we love to do custom orders!  Just call us and let us know how many favors you need and how much you want to spend... we'll come up with something unique just for you!


Favorite Things Party

So my daughter just turned two!  While thinking of what to do for her birthday party I had two requirements:  easy & inexpensive!  For awhile, I was set on going to a local splash park and just letting the kids play... but realized that Anna wouldn't actually really love that!  Which then made me start to brainstorm... "What are Anna's favorite things?"  I got thinking about how she loves to paint her fingernails, she loves our dogs, she loves to ride our horses, and she loves to color/paint.  The song from "The Sound of Music" kept coming to mind - "These are a few of my favorite things..."  and I added... "Puppies & Ponies & Polish & Painting!"  Every time I read her invite I actually sing it in my mind! I know, cheesy!  But that's just me.

So I had it!  I would throw her a "favorite things" party.  I ordered some cute Puppy themed cupcake toppers, set up a nail painting station, had pony rides, and let all the kids water color paint on a huge piece of butcher paper!  Here are a few pictures (I am not a photographer, so I apologize in advance):

I designed the invites and banner to match...
The flag banner turned out cute, too!  
And so easy.  I color copied some graphics from her banner, cut into triangles, and strung together!

The Party Scene!  I had different balloons in mind, but it was super windy, so we had to go to plan B and stick them up on the porch.  Oh well!  Still cute!

The Puppy Cupcakes 
(coming soon to Pioneer Party in all different themes!)

Her favor bags were simple:  a couple of her favorite treats, a little dog toy, a mini fingernail polish (or parachute men for the boys).  Boys had green polka dot ribbon - girls had pink!

Painting away...

You can see the concentration on her face... she really does love it!

This is Willie.  He is hard to catch but awesome when we finally get him!  I talked my hubby into doing the braids & ribbons for the party... :)

One of our cute party guests, Mylie, getting her nails painted.

So there you have it.  A happy two year old.  An easy, fun, & pretty inexpensive party idea.  
Because sometimes it's just hard to choose ONE theme!  
More on this "Favorite Things" idea later... stay tuned!



Featured Party Guest: A PINK Party!

Awhile back, we sponsored a contest HERE and we met (via email) a fellow party gal!  She won $50 towards merchandise at our store, and then she was nice enough to show us some of the details of her cute party.  So check out her daughters darling party...

I can't get over all the fun details!!!

And from Jessica's blog...
The candy sticks were part of the goodies I won fromTHIS contest - love it when one party helps to fund the next party! HA HA HA On a more serious note,Pioneer Party has the nicest customer service staff. They went out of their way to help me with my order. Let's just say Cotton Candy sticks will be making their debut on this blog in the not so distant future :)

Lemonheads in re-purposed baby food jars

A glance at her fun food table

Check out Jessica's blog to see more of this Pink Pre-K Party!  She went over and beyond for her little girl and she deserves a big round of applause!  


If you want your party to be featured on our blog, send us a link or email us details.