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We just got these cute new items in called  GLOVEABLES.   These designer gloves are so fun - you can use them for cleaning, gardening, hair coloring, scrubbing, cooking and other projects!  I like how they have a high cuff on them, so your hands are really protected.  And did I mention they are so  cute?   It makes me WANT to go out and start cleaning up my yard!  I tried some on the other day and they are also comfy!  It reminded me of slipping on a glove that you would wear to prom (does that date me?).  We also have aprons that are wipe-able!  They come in fabulous designs in both full and half-size.  We are thinking they will be great gifts for hostess gifts, Bunko prizes, Mother's Day, Easter, and also teachers!  Here are two of our lovely girls modeling them...                                                        Alex                                                             Shantel And some random trivia for you - these exact gloves can be seen on Desperate Housewives e