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So here's a sneak peak of some of the merchandise that will be at our Sidewalk Boutique on Saturday... Sew Simply Sweet and their ADORABLE headbands... and toddler hats... fabric flower clippies... Crayon roll-ups (perfect for car trips or church!) The Ciao Bella Boutique ... I love this aqua blue flower clip!  So sophisticated, but with flair! Darling little coral earrings... And charcoal gray stud earrings... Designer hats... Shirts, handbags... (i know you can barely see this!) Also Bumbles Watch bands and faces, hand designed vintage furniture pieces ( I already want one of each!), and there's more!  Old fashioned button rings... oh my!  I could go on!   Just come on down (or up!) and check it out! 

Boutique Tomorrow!

We are hosting another SIDEWALK BOUTIQUE! Saturday, October 10th from 9 am - 2 pm Come enjoy some old-fashioned shopping on the street... - Dippidee Bakery : Place of Sweet Surprises! Check their products out here - Fashion Savvy : A combination of jewelry, purses, & accessories at GREAT prices! - Scentsy : Just in time for the fall - stock up on warmers, sprays, & hanging air fresheners. - Red Hen Design : Bottle Cap Charms ... a must see! - Usborne Books : I can't say enough about this line of children's books - I can't resist buying them! - Baby Chicks: Darling baby gifts... headbands, shoes, clippies, etc. - Malinda's Designs: Mini albums, layouts, and cards - Bmarymakers: Coin purses & POP'n jewelry And of course, all of our products - Halloween gifts for neighbors, kids, and teachers Fabric-Wrapped Mini Book of Mormon Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears Etc.Etc.Etc. Lots of fun - lots of darling things - don't miss it! The first 10 B

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A big thanks to all our vendors who came and endured the heat with us... and thanks to all you who came and shopped! It was a fun day! Some of Pioneer Party's jewelry... we keep all this in stock year round, so if you are in need of something inexpensive to glitz up an outfit, we have it! Most necklaces come with earrings that match - and are under $15.00 This is our Baby Chicks gal! They carry baby leggings, squeaky shoes, headbands that are different than what you see everywhere else, mini flower clippies, beanies, belts, etc.!! We carry their merchandise in our store all year round, also! Erin's Creations brought her lovely headbands - non-slip, no headache, and did I mention darling? She has some of the cutest material... She also sells large flower clippies Crush Accessories came and brought designer hats. I bought 3! My mom bought 4! They were reasonably priced and I couldn't stop looking at them! We also had Usborne Books, Brag Books, Scentsy , and Glitter

Sidewalk Boutique this Saturday!

You really really really won't want to miss it! Whether you want to spoil yourself, you have a baby or bridal shower coming up, or your mother-in-law's birthday is next week - - - this boutique is for you! We will have jewelry (nothing over $20), designer hats, fabric covered headbands (darling for back to school outfits), Usborne books, baby gifts, Scentsy products, brag books, Glitter Toes - and more!! Sound like fun? It even gets better! Enter to win a $50 gift card to Pioneer Party! We will draw one lucky winner at the end of the day on Saturday. So tell your husband you are going to the gym... or going to a garage sale down the road... or just tell him you are going to get him some chocolate covered cinnamon bears... then jump in the car and head down!! Happy Shopping!

Do you have something to say...

and don't know quite how to say it? Then bring in these quirky little notepads! We just got them in - and you are going to LOVE them. There are pocket/purse pads to organize yourself... Wouldn't this MOOD ALERT pad be perfect to post on your bathroom mirror so when your husband comes home from work, he knows EXACTLY what kind of mood you're in? Or if you have an emotional friend - wrap this up and give it to her as a little joke. haha This is a great pad for the office... as long as no one gets caught! There are a ton of others to choose from! My favorite I can't even show on this site because it has a naughty word on the front. You'll just have to come in and see it with your own eyes. Don't forget about the Sidewalk Boutique that is coming up this Saturday. Check out our previous post for details... and we will remind you again later this week!


Put it on your calendar, because you won't want to miss it! We are hosting a Sidewalk Boutique on Saturday, August 1st from 9 am - 2 pm. Featuring: Baby Chicks darling baby headbands, squeaky shoes, leggings, etc. Jewelry everything under $20.00! Scentsy come check out their newest products Usborne Books if you have kids, these books are a must! Erin's Creations fabric covered headbands, flower clippies, and more Crush Accessories designer hats, you know you want one... Glitter Toes come with your flip flops on, leave with your toes so pretty! Brag Book photo albums Plus all of OUR cute stuff. You really won't want to miss it. See you Saturday! Vendors on the sidewalk will be accepting check or cash only