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Sliding Candy Bar Wrapper - How To

We found the cutest way to "dress up" candybars or gum! These make darling favors or handouts for church. And it's easy. Anyone can do it - even if you don't feel like you are a "crafty/scrapbooky" person! So here goes... Choose your paper Measure the candy you are using and cut your paper accordingly (you'll need enough paper to wrap around it just one time). Using double stick tape, wrap the paper around the candy. Not too tight! You want the candy to be able to slide out easily. Take out your candy and squeeze the two edges together... then punch your hole through both sides at the same time. Grab your ribbon and wrap it around the candy about so... and cut. You can leave the ribbon a bit longer so you can tie a bow, or leave it short and just tie a knot. Now just slide the candy into the wrapper (with the ribbon still around) until the candy is sticking out the other side. Thread the ribbon through... And tie your knot or bow. Now you ca