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Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Here is the video from our Studio 5 TV appearance today!  Thanks so much to KSL for having us on again!  We hope you are inspired and have plenty of ideas to choose from to get your teacher something that will really stand out!  If you need even more ideas, check out last years segment on Studio 5 when we also showed some fun Christmas Teacher Gifts! Which one was your favorite?

Christmas Teacher Gift - File Drawer

As seen on Studio 5...  One of the practical gifts we talked about - a file drawer! You can pick a mini or full size one up for about $5-$8, or use file folders. (This might or might not have been inspired by those certain few teachers who just might need a little help with organization in their classroom... !) Just click on the image below, copy and paste it into your Word document. You can then re-size it like you would a picture and print. You can also come into our store and we will print it for you in a high quality format. Happy Giving!