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Single Awareness Day

We have quite the selection of gifts for your single friends this Valentines day - check out a few!

"You know, because you don't have one." 
A  handy-dandy "Grow-a-Boyfriend" toy is perfect for your boyfriend-less buddy!

"Since nobody is getting you heart shaped chocolates.....Here is some Christmas candy." Hahaha!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away. but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit!" complete with a caramel apple treat.

and this "Men are Pigs" -  with a pig lipgloss - perfect for that Bachelorette in your life!


Roundup of Valentine Gifts

Valentines week is here! Woohoo! Pioneer Party is your Valentines headquarters - we have such a great selection of gifts for every person in your life - teacher, spouse, child, friend, neighbor, boss, and more! 

Come on in this week and grab one of our many pre-made gifts, or order your own specialized treat! Don't forget to order balloons (they are cheaper than flowers!)! 

This is just a taste of a few or our ideas/items we have in store:

We do personalized kids classroom Valentines too - call us for ideas and pricing!



Kids Classroom Party & Friend Valentine Ideas

Need 20 or 30 treats for your childs classroom or friends this week!? WE can do it for you! And we'd love to! We have many ideas in store, and here are a few we love from around the internet world. Almost any of these, especially the candy ones, we have all the stuff needed to make them for you - just ask!

Non-candy treats:
  • Toy dinosaur with a tag that reads: "Rawr" means I love you in Dinosaur! {WE HAVE THESE!}

  • Cutie oranges with a tag that reads: "Orange" you glad we are friends!?
  • Bouncy ball with a tag that reads: Hope you have a "ball" this Valentines Day! OR You make my heart bounce! (get your printable here
  • A small bag of chips with a tag that reads: You are all that AND a bag of chips!
  • Toy car with a tag that reads: You make my heart race! OR I "wheelie" like you!
  • Toy ring or necklace with tag that reads: Happy Valentines Princess (perfect gift from dad) {WE HAVE THESE}

  • Glow stick(s) with a tag that reads: You make my heart GLOW OR You light up my day Valentine!
  • Tiny bottle of bubbles with a tag that reads: You "blow" me away Valentine! OR "Blowing" you Valentine wishes! (free print here)
  • A ruler with a tag that reads: You "rule" Valentine!
  • Little toy bugs with a tag that reads: Happy Valentines love bug! (free printable!)
  • Toy maze with a tag that reads: You are a-maze-ing! (printable here)
  • An uninflated balloon (we have those!) with a tag that reads: You BLOW me away Valentine!
  • Monster eyes with a tag that reads: "Eye" think you're awesome OR I'm wild about you! (see the darling free printable here)
  • A pencil with a tag that reads: You are all write Valentine! (easy idea here)
  • Crayons with a tag that reads: You color my world!
Candy treats:
  • Starburst with a tag that reads: I'm bursting with joy that you are my friend!
  • Smarties with a tag that reads: "Happy Valentines Day smartie pants!
  • A ding-dong with a tag that reads: I'd be a ding-dong if I didn't ask you to be my Valentine! (free printable here!
  • Kool-aid packet with a tag that reads: Have a KOOL Valentines! (link here!)
  • Pop-rocks with a tag that reads: You ROCK!
  • A bottle of squeeze it and a few candy kisses with a tag that reads: A kiss and a squeeze for you!
  • A sucker with a tag that reads: Hope your Valentines day doesn't suck!
  • A bag of un-popped popcorn with a tag that reads: My heart is popping for you!
  • Any banana flavored candy (daffy taffy is our fav) with a tag that reads: I'm bananas over you!
  • Milky Way candy bar with a tag that reads: You are out of this world!
  • Tic-tacs with a label that reads: My heart tics for you! OR We are "mint" to be together! OR Love bug poop {WE HAVE THESE!}

  • A Rolo with a tag that reads: I like the way you ROLL!
  • A bag of gummy bears {or chocolate covered cinnamon bears!} with a tag that reads: A big bear hug for you!
  • Gum with a tag that reads: I chews you to be my Valentine!
  • Crush Soda with a tag that reads: I have a crush on you!
  • Reeses Pieces with a tag that reads: I'll go to pieces if you won't be mine!
The ideas could go on and on and get cheesier and cheesier! But we will stop at this!  This website also has a ton of FREE cute printables for you:

and this one has darling printables also (maybe for older kids or adults, but still cute and funny):

and check out our website here!

We always get requests for classroom Valentine party ideas - here are just a few we like:

Q-tip Arrow Shooting (from DarciDowdle)
If you are in charge of a game for a classroom party, this is what you'll need. 
1 box of wide straws. (the basic grocery store straw with stripes. McDonalds straws are good because they are wide)
I box of Q-tips
2 large bowls (heart shaped are cute, any dollar store has plastic heart shaped bowls right now)
Masking tape
Divide the group, or family up into teams. Place a heart shaped bowl in front of each team and place some tape about 2 feet back from each teams bowl. Each team member needs a straw and the team needs a large pile of arrows (Q-tips). Tell the "Cupids" they have one minute to get as many "arrows" into their heart as possible. To do this you must place the straw in your mouth, load it with an "arrow," and then blow the "arrow" out the end of the straw towards the heart bowl. The team with the most arrows through the heart wins.  
I promise you will LOVE this game, but Good Luck you might not LOVE the headache from all the blowing:)

Who Do You Love? (from The Frugal Girls)

No winners or losers!
Arrange chairs in a circle so that the seats are facing inside.
The player who is “it” stands in the center of the circle, and the other kids sit in the chairs facing her.
The “it” approaches one of the seated children and says, “Who do you love?” The player who is approached must come up with an answer, such as “I love everyone wearing pink” or “I love everyone who has a dog,” and then anyone wearing pink or who has a pet dog must stand up and scramble to find a new seat.
Players cannot shift to the seat next to them, should it become vacant. They must move at least two chairs away from their original spot.
In the meantime, “it” should try to sit down in one of the vacant chairs.
Once everyone finds a spot, the one player left standing becomes the new “it” and must then approach a seated player and ask, “Who do you love?”
Play until everyone wants to stop!

Love Your Smile! (same link as above)

Everyone sits in a circle. The first player smiles and tries to get each person to smile. They get a point for each one that they get to smile on their turn. When their turn is over, they “wipe the smile off their face” and it is the next person’s turn!

Enjoy your LOVE week! 


February Visiting & Home Teaching Messages

You're in for a sweet treat with this month's visiting teaching gift!  A sweet striped paper sack sets the tone for this lovely little goody.  Inside you will find the full message from the Ensign (a full color print), with a chocolate Hershey bar.  
The "HE" of the Hershey is showing and a tag covers the "RSHEYS" letters that reads "(HE) is the Good Shepherd and Loves each one of us.  Let us follow His example."  
The darling details of gold tulle, doilies, hearts, and our "Sending you Love" tag just finishes off this one of a kind gift.  

Oh how we love the month of "Love" around here!  This home teaching gift just has that bright, fun look that will get you motivated to go out and home teach!   

 We've combined the full message from the Ensign (a talk by Pres. Thomas S. Monson titled "Serve the Lord with Love"), a package of gummy hearts (12 servings), and of course a darling tag and ribbon to finish it off with style. 

Our tag reads, "By Love, Serve One Another."  

These gifts just have that look that says, "please take me and make someone else's day happy!" 

You can purchase these in our store in Lehi or online here!  Happy Shopping!


Sweet Valentines Straws!

Is it too early to be thinking about Valentines!? (Never!)  It is our favorite holiday around here, and here is an absolutely darling idea!

~ Embellished Sweet Straws ~

This is an easy peasy craft! All you need are these paper straws -{and you are in luck because we carry them at our store & in many colors}, cute cardstock, and non-toxic glue! You can also add stickers, cut-outs, ribbon, or other vintage embellishments if you want {we also carry bakers twine that would be perfect for this project!}

Simply use a heart punch or cut out hearts by hand, embellish them up, and glue to the straw!

Wouldn't these be darling served with strawberry milk on Valentines morning? Or at a school Valentines party? Or at your annual Valentines get-together? The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to check out our website or come into the store and see all our cute Valentines stuff! Decor, goodies, candy, gifts, treat bags, BALLOONS & much more! Yay for Valentines!

(original link:


Sending Love Secretly

Love is in the air!! We sure love this time of year and it is the perfect time to show those special people in your life you love them! We've come up with the perfect way to do just that. It is a little something we call "Sending Love Secretly"
We've made it inexpensive and super easy. All you do is chose a little gift from our store. Below are some examples of items we have (and much more!!) Then we wrap it up in a sweet pink and white damask bag, tied up with the tag that says "Sending You Love Secretly" - for only $1.  You leave us the contact info for the person you want to give the gift to. We will contact that person and let them know they have a surprise secret gift waiting for them at our store and to come on in and pick it up!

 We have tons (and I mean tons!!) of goodie bags to chose from. 

This is such a fun way to celebrate Valentines! Everyone loves a good surprise. We have already started the secret love sending and customers and friends have been so excited (and surprised) to get a little gift. A great way to make someones day - and just maybe they will pass along the love too!


More Valentine Ideas...

Introducing... the BIG HUNK BOUQUET!
We've used 3 Big Hunks, grouped them together like a bouquet of flowers, and added hearts to the tops of the candybars...a perfect place to hand write a note about why your man is indeed your Big Hunk!  (This would be darling to use 5 or more Big Hunks and make it BIG!"

A LOVE SNAKE?  Ummm, yes! - Think how much a little boy would LOVE to receive this 4' long plush snake!!  "HUGS & HISSES TO YOU!"

Just wanted to show you what our little Cupid's are busy making up!  Come into the store to see all the other FUN ideas!!  


5 Unique Valentine Ideas...

Just wanted to show you a couple of more unique things we have in our store right now for Valentine's Day...

#1 - The CHOCOLATE BOYFRIEND:  Box is 10" tall, with 4 oz of chocolate.  There are darling little quotes all over the box - one being, "If he gets any hotter, he'll melt!"   A must have for any single friends that are wishing they were dating...! ($10.99)

#2 - The LOVE BUG balloon:  4 donut or blossom shaped balloons attached together to make this love bug over 4' long... We can tie an oversized tag that says, "Will you be my LOVE BUG?"  Can you imagine how much your little girl/boy (what the heck - even your spouse!) would love waking up to see this in the living room?  ($13.99)

#3 - WIDE ROSE RIBBON:  This 4" wide ribbon comes in a dark red or a creamy ivory.  Seriously you could wrap a box of cereal in this and it would all of a sudden look like a gourmet gift!  I used it as a small table runner in my living room and it looks great!  I can imagine a belt, or a cuff bracelet, too!  If only I could sew...!  ($6.99 yard)

#4- CHOCOLATE COVERED CINNAMON BEARS:  If you've tried them, you know how good they are.  If you haven't - well, it's time to give them a chance!  They are by far our #1 selling candy.  We sold almost 27 lbs a day during the month of December... crazy huh!  People love 'em - We have them made up for friends ("Friends and Chocolate make life more BEAR-able"), sisters, teachers, grandmas - you can't go wrong!  ($2.99-$5.99)

#5 - CHOCOLATE COVERED GRAPES (& strawberries):  Yes, grapes!!  The Sweet Cherub in Highland are dipping grapes for us!  I've only heard that they are TO DIE for!  I like the fact that they are bite sized and pop-them-in -your-mouth ready!  Order a 1 lb box by this Saturday (Feb 11) @ 7 pm for pick-up on Valentine's Day!  ($12.00 per box - 1 lb of grapes or 6 strawberries - gift ready!)

Make sure and "like" us on Facebook to keep up with all the fun at Pioneer Party!
Call 801-768-3549 to order your treats and balloons!  We will have them ready to pick up and you won't even have to wait!


Cutest Thing Ever!

Just wanted to let you in on a secret...

We now have PAPER STRAWS!!  Have you seen these around?

We just got a shipment of red and white striped straws, and white with pink polka dot straws!  YEY!  We are super excited.  There are so many fun things to do with them!

We also got some DARLING 5x7 flat paper bags in - PINK STRIPES!

You can find them online (in our Valentines section) or in-store!


Cute Valentine Decor

I know, this isn't a "party tip" post or anything, but I couldn't help myself with wanting to share.  Check out how easy some of these little projects are for some fun-n-festive Valentine's Day Decor:

Photos of your Kids 

A no-sew Burlap Banner:

Both ideas from Landee See, Landee Do's blog.  Adorable!  Make sure and click on the links and read thru how easy they really are!!

Oh yeah, and check out our Facebook page for a SCARF SPECIAL going on this week!


Updated Website

Just wanted to let you know we've added some fun new gifts to our website under the Valentine's category... Click over to see some pics, order something fun, or just get an idea or two!


Valentine's is in the Air

We are READY!  Valentine's Day is only 18 days away, and we have been busy making THE cutest things.
Do you know what you're giving your sweetheart?  What about the kids' valentine's?  Here are just 3 ideas to get you thinking...

The "target" Valentine... that says, "I was right on TARGET when I fell in love with you!"  Filled with lots of delicious goodies - but even better, buy a Target gift card to add to it!  (I want my husband to buy ME this!)

The "i love you" box - filled with 52 blank hearts for you to write down all the reasons you love your special someone.  Don't forget the "Fragile:  Handle with care - Many hearts enclosed in package"  Oooohhh...So sentimental!

And this oversized pixy stick saying "You're my PIX for a Valentine!"  (the pixy stick is almost 2 feet long)
Call to special order a box of giant pixy sticks to make your own!

Hopefully that got you thinking.  I know there are oodles of ideas out there.  Feel free to share links or send us pics of what YOU are creating this year!   Remember we're on Facebook, too - which seems to be updated a little more often than the blog.  Hope you have a great weekend!