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One of our most favorite products, and one that makes us unique, is our awesome balloons! We have a huge selection of specialty balloons and can make a bouquet that will be sure to brighten someones day!! One thing we use that makes our balloons extra special, is a product called hi-float. It is a liquid solution that we put into our balloons before blowing them up. It coats the inside of the balloon and then dries, helping keep the helium inside 25-30% longer than it normally would. A balloon without hi-float will stay up for a day or so. With hi-float, it will usually last 2-4 days (we have had some reports of balloons lasting for weeks!!). All of our bouquets come with hi-float, and it only costs a little extra for single balloons or per dozen. Some of you may not know, but balloons are very sensitive to temperature. They should always be kept in a climate controlled area, otherwise float time will dramatically decrease. We recommend customers transport in a well air-conditioned

Roundup of Valentine Gifts

Valentines week is here! Woohoo! Pioneer Party is your Valentines headquarters - we have such a great selection of gifts for every person in your life - teacher, spouse, child, friend, neighbor, boss, and more!  Come on in this week and grab one of our many pre-made gifts, or order your own specialized treat! Don't forget to order balloons (they are cheaper than flowers!)!  This is just a taste of a few or our ideas/items we have in store: We do personalized kids classroom Valentines too - call us for ideas and pricing! 801-768-3549

Balloon Tip!

We recently had a birthday in the family - and wanted to share a super easy tip!  Are you ready for it?  (It seems like a no-brainer, but many people don't think of it!)   **If you are getting balloons to decorate for a party or to surprise the special someone (especially if they are little!) it is a great idea to tie the balloons at varying heights and spread them throughout the room, instead of just tying them in 2 or 3 bunches.** It makes the room look fuller, and especially for kids, it makes them feel like the whole house is just full of balloons! You can get small candy to tie them to, tie to doorknobs, or even just grab some toys or items already laying around.  We also got 2 dozen plain balloons (no helium) and blew them up to just lay around the floor. We tied one birthday present to a few balloons so he could have it all day, and the rest of the gifts were reserved for the birthday party that night.  Also, this was for a 4 year old - who d

Balloon Buddy's, Gold Coins, and Jewelry!!

St. Patrick's is in TWO DAYS!!  Do you have a little treasure for your kids?!  Fear not - we have LOTS to choose from!  Chocolate Gold Coins are the #1 pick for most of our guests... pick them up for .15 each or a bucket of 144 for $19.99... And check out this picture, it cracks me up!!  It's Rob - our FAVORITE UPS driver, and Bob - our Balloon Buddy (made for a guest today).  They're posing with a fun package - SOME NEW JEWELRY!!  Most pieces we have in stock now are Buy any 2 for $12.00!!  Wahoo, only $6.00 each!

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party - How To!

Last week a local crafter and fellow Studio 5 presenter showed us how to throw the PERFECT party for your grandmother.  Take a look at all the beautiful details!!  And also take note of all the fun ideas you could transfer to ANY PARTY!  I especially like the balloon backdrop (of course - because they are OUR balloons), the balloon launch idea, and the paper cup light garland!  How creative.  Thanks Mandy!! (man, I couldn't get the video to load correctly onto our blog!!) So... plan B - check out the video here. To view text only of this segment, and for recipes - click onto Studio 5's website or Mandy's blog .

Girls Night Out... An Invitation to YOU!


Balloon Training

So us girls at the party store have a monthly training meeting... Here are some pictures of us learning how to make this adorable butterfly!

Father's Day is Coming Quickly!

Here is just one of many cute little ideas to do for the dad in your life... Announce it to everyone... Decorate with a darling Fish Balloon from Pioneer Party... Top it off with a big bag of Swedish Fish! Other ideas: Fish for dinner, go fishing as a family, buy a fishing license... Now if your man doesn't like to fish, then you better come on down and let us help you figure something else out!

Spring is HERE!

This weather is  crazy!!   Two weeks ago we were in our  swimming suits  playing in the sand box, and this weekend we have our  boots  on stomping in the  snow !   One thing that has made me  smile  lately is walking into the store every day and seeing  SPRING  no matter what the weather is outside.  Everything is so  bright and cheery ... maybe these pictures will give you a little glimpse into what fun lies ahead when the weather is consistently  nice outside ! Flowers made from balloons - hanging from the ceiling Chocolate covered cinnamon bears with a cute card attached... Mini topiaries hung from the ceiling.   These are unique decorations for any party - hang them above the table where you are going to be celebrating! New printed plates/cups/napkins  Warmers and scented blocks.   High quality and great scents!  Fun fish balloon bouquet In fact, thinking about spring and looking at all those cute pictures makes me want to celebrate right now!  Let's give away something

Long Lasting Balloons!

So the other day I was visiting a friend and noticed that her 16" Valentine balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating ...dwindling by the ground, but still floating.  Then while at aerobics class today a friend mentioned that the fish balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating on the ceiling!  Wow!   Over a month of float time!   Definitely worth the extra 15 cents, don't you think?! So what makes our balloons last so long?  It's the ultra super duper hi-float that we squirt in each balloon.  The hi-float is a liquid plastic that seals the pores of the latex, so that helium cannot leak out of those teeny little holes!  But, what makes the biggest difference, is that we train our "gals" to put in JUST the right amount, and it has to be spread EVENLY around the whole inside of the balloon.  Other party stores might use the ultra super duper hi-float, but the employees might put too much in

Order your Valentine Balloons EARLY!

Here is a SPECIAL DEAL for all you blog readers! Order your Valentine balloons by Tuesday the 10th and receive 10% off your entire balloon order! Above are just a handful of the Valentine balloons we have - you'll have to come in to see all the rest! The sooner you come, the better the selection! Valentine balloons are just a must, aren't they? Kids get so excited when they have their very own bouquet! p.s. If you haven't been in our store lately - now is the time! It is FULL of flippin cute gifts, goodies, candies - etc!! You really won't believe your eyes. Come in and see!

Did you Know...?

Even those of you who have shopped at Pioneer Party for years might not know all the services we offer or merchandise that we here are a few that you might not have realized we have.  We are constantly looking for new and fresh items to please our customers...which is great - there are always new things when you come in!   This is a picture of a darling mini Book of Mormon that has been wrapped in fabric.  It is nicely made with a foldover magnet to keep it shut, and a ribbon for a bookmark.  These books were sold at Swiss Days and really are great.  They are perfect for putting in your purse or car... or to give to a missionary or someone who just got baptized.   Balloon wraps -  We custom-make gifts in a balloon!  You are welcome to bring in your own merchandise, or purchase something from us to put inside.  The opening is about 6" wide.  We have done wedding rings, $3000 in cash (for a payment to a dentist!), and numerous other fun things.  You don't see th