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Christmas Party game idea

Most of us either host or attend some sort of party this time of year. If you are in charge of games, look no further, we have some great ideas for you! The reindeer game! All you need is a few pair of large panty-hose and a bag of balloons (get those here !) Split into 2-3 teams. The goal is to blow as many balloons up as possible and fill the legs of the panty-hose, then put it on someones head to look like a reindeer! It is not as easy as it sounds! Super fun, lots of laughs guaranteed! Be sure to take lots of pictures!  PS: get large or XL panty-hose so they will fit over anyones head)  Another favorite of ours is the paper plate game.  All you need are sturdy paper plates (I got mine at Costco) and pens for each player. The host tells the players to put their paper plate on their head. Then the host will give a series of instructions for the players to draw on their paper plates (that are on their heads) without looking. Here are the instructions