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Calling All Room Moms!

As you all know, the end of the school year is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?  Pretty soon kids will be turning in their pencils and papers for parade candy and water balloons.  But before we get there... let's not forget the teachers!  We have gathered our team of creative experts to try to come up with some fun teacher appreciation gifts.  We have quite a few fun things to give as individuals, but what about as a class?  So after giving it some thought, we decided that one of the funnest gifts to give as a class is a candy bar poster!  We know it's a little old fashioned... so we've come up with one using unique, old fashioned candy .  And with you're own unique added touch, it's not old fashioned, it becomes nostalgic! Hope this will help all of you out there struggling with a budget and ideas. Check it out: Dear Teacher, LOOK the RIESEN for the poster is so that U-NO you're worth a CUP-O-GOLD .  You make learning magical!  All you hav