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Congratulations Graduates!

We found the perfect money lei for graduation and  thought we'd share how to make it: Items needed:  2 spools of black ribbon (12 feet each), $100 (in dollar bills), and black paper.   Step 1:  Start folding each dollar bill like a fan, as shown below.   Step 2:  Cut the black paper the same size as a dollar bill. You will need 100 pieces cut. Fold them the same as each dollar bill.   Step 3:  You will need 2 dollar fans to make 1 circle. The same goes for the paper fans.   Step 4:  Take each spool of ribbon and unravel them.  Place one end of each spool together and form a loop. You will then sew the loop in place.  End result:  a loop with 2 long strands of ribbon coming down.   Step 5:  Now that you have a loop with 2 ends, you can get started tying on the money and paper fans. Keep in mind that there are 2 ends of ribbon, but you will use them to tie, so in the end, there will only be 1 strand.   Step 6:  Alternate tying the paper and money using both strands of r