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DIY: Paper Plate Balls

Paper Plate Balls All you'll need is 20 paper plates for each ball...the mini dessert plates work best.   1.  Fold the plates into triangles as shown. 2.  Staple two plates together with 3 staples. 3.  Attach 3 more plates to make a pentagon, then repeat to make a second pentagon.  (each pentagon will have 5 plates).  Set both aside. 4.  Staple the remaining 10 plates together into a long chain. 5.  Staple the ends of the chain together to form a ring.  Then staple the two pentagons to the top and the bottom of the ring. You're done!!  Spray paint (glitter really makes your balls stand out!), add ribbon, and hang!  We have seen these used at wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, and all sorts of parties!