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One of our most favorite products, and one that makes us unique, is our awesome balloons! We have a huge selection of specialty balloons and can make a bouquet that will be sure to brighten someones day!!

One thing we use that makes our balloons extra special, is a product called hi-float. It is a liquid solution that we put into our balloons before blowing them up. It coats the inside of the balloon and then dries, helping keep the helium inside 25-30% longer than it normally would. A balloon without hi-float will stay up for a day or so. With hi-float, it will usually last 2-4 days (we have had some reports of balloons lasting for weeks!!). All of our bouquets come with hi-float, and it only costs a little extra for single balloons or per dozen.

Some of you may not know, but balloons are very sensitive to temperature. They should always be kept in a climate controlled area, otherwise float time will dramatically decrease. We recommend customers transport in a well air-conditioned car in the warm weather, and a heated car in cold weather. Also, mylar balloons tend to shrink a little in cold weather, and expand in warm weather. We fill the balloon with this in mind. If you take it out in the cold and it shrinks, it should return to normal size when it gets back into room temperature. Pearlized and metallic balloons usually have a shorter float time - even with hi-float - because of the material they are made of. 

The party girls helped me find out the gender of my last baby! They filled a 3 foot black balloon with the color (pink) confetti, and tied a cute collar onto it made of pink and blue tissue. We had pre-odered it and simply called and told them what color to do on the way home from our ultrasound. Of course I found out at the ultrasound, I couldn't wait!! But if you chose to find out with everyone else, have the ultrasound technician put the gender in an envelope for you and take it to the store. We will fill it for you and you can be surprised along with everyone else! We picked ours up and took it right to the gender reveal party, here is the footage:

Aside from specialty bouquets, we also do topiaries, arches, single balloons, by the dozen, and mylars. If you want something you don't see, ask us! We love learning new techniques and trends! 

Here are a few examples of the awesome things we can make for you! Remember you can always customize colors and prints! If you have questions on pricing or anything else, please call the store and talk to one of our balloon experts! 801-768-3549


Golden Straw Bunting

We came across this gem on Pinterest and just had to share it! Isn't it the cutest? Party decor or year round home decor (I'm thinking my baby girl's nursery?!) it is cheap, easy, and looks fabulous! Head over to for the full tutorial. 

"Buntings aren't dead yet.  But, I'm trying something a little less country, shabby chic-ish, with this gold straw bunting.  It's light and airy and almost feels like a piece of jewelry for your home.  This Christmas, when we were in Boise, ID, the Anthropology store had a fabulous display made with straws painted gold.  I've been wanting to make a scaled down version for my mantel ever since.  

This simple bunting is season-less and can coordinate with any home decor or party theme.

1. You'll need lots of paper straws.  For each triangle you'll need two full length straws and one half length.  You'll also need some heavy thread or twine and a large needle.

2. Start by threading the needle and thread through the small straw.

3. Pull a long length of the thread through the straw.

4. Put the thread the one of the full length straws.

5. Thread the needle and thread through the second full length straw.

6. Now thread the needle back through the short straw.  Pull tight so that the straws are tight against each other at the points.

7. Start again, threading on the short straw and continue with steps 2-6.

8. Using gold spray paint, paint the bunting in a well ventilated area.  You will need to turn the bunting over and rotate the straws a couple times to cover all sides of the straws."

 As a side note, I think this would be cute as is - (maybe string to match the straw) - so you wouldn't have to spray paint. Especially if just using for a one-time party decor. We have a ton of cute striped straws in store, and a few options online here! Either way, stop in to grab your straws, we have them cheap and in bulk! ($5.99 for 25)

Happy decorating!