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DIY: Crepe Paper Banner

Need a simple & inexpensive and fast party decoration? Make yourself a good old fashioned crepe paper banner! I'll be honest, when I think of crepe paper twisted from the ceiling, sometimes I cringe.  I have bad memories of faded light pink crepe paper lifelessly hanging... (not sure who's party or when...but it is in my brain!) Well girls, THIS idea, is not that!   Check this out: This is on someone's mantle.  Huge letters, wrapped in yarn... and yep!  The beautiful crepe paper banner hung above it.  Darling, yeah? Grab the crepe paper that you want. (we have over 20 colors in stock, FYI) Get some ribbon. Cut crepe paper into strips - all different lengths, or all the same!  You choose. Fold the crepe paper over the ribbon, staple and you're done!   So easy, huh?

DIY: Zig Zag Accordion Streamers

This is such an old school idea:  use paper and scissors to create your own decorations. But really - it IS REALLY CUTE! All you need is colored paper (you choose), scissors, and tape or pushpins! Here we go... Step 1:  Start with a colored piece of paper in the shape of a rectangle. Step 2:  On one of the long sides, cut a strip about 1" wide (but don't cut all the way through).  From there measure about 2" and cut another 1" strip.  Continue that all along that side. Step 3:  Turn paper around, and repeat process on opposite side, spacing your 1" strips in between the cuts from the other side.   THERE!  You did it!  You have an accordion zig zag streamer to hang for your next party!  I love the impact a group of these can make, as well as the simplicity - and the next-to-nothing cost of it all! It would be a good project for a classroom to do:  have each child make one or two, depending on their age, and then the teacher can hang them after