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Halloween Pinatas Just In...!

We just got a shipment of

And of course, they are darling...
(not the average run of the mill from the dollar store -
not that there is anything wrong with the dollar store)

If you are having a Halloween get-together, a pinata is a must.
You know you want one.
So come on in!
(They are $10.99)


Pinatas Galore!

We just received a shipment of pinatas and wanted you to see some of the especially cute ones! One of my pet peeves (don't hold this against me) is an ugly pinata. I just don't like the oversized multi-colored donkey look... sorry! So if you feel the same as me, then next time you need a pinata, come in and grab one of ours!
Mention the ugly donkey pinata and get 10% off your next pinata!

For your princess...
Flippin Cute for Summer!

This is the coolest PIRATE PINATA I have ever seen... seriously!

A good choice for a Luau or swimming party... there are some really ugly fish pinatas out there too! This is NOT one of them :)

Perfect for a boot-scootin party!