Message in a Bottle

Wahoo!  Ta-Da!    The February V.T. Messages are done and here they are! They are so flippin cute!  You can call the store and have these shipped if you aren't from the area.  Otherwise, they will be available for sale on Monday the 2nd.  The message is rolled up inside with a scoopful of cinnamon red hots.  There are no stickers on the bottle so it can be reused for another fun project or display!  Yey!   These will give you a reason to do your visiting teaching early this month!

Quote for the Day

I believe in Manicures. I believe in Overdressing. I believe in Primping at leisure and wearing Lipstick. I believe that Laughing is the best calorie burner. I Believe in Kissing; Kissing a lot. I believe in Being Strong when everything else seems to be going wrong. I believe Happy Girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I Believe in Miracles.  -Audrey Hepburn I happened upon this quote (thanks Nicole!) and wanted to share it with everyone.  I love that it is such a "womenarepowerful-yougogirl-takecareofyourself" message.  This would be a good one to print and stick on your mirror to read every morning.  Because we are always thinking of little gifts to make up, my mind automatically drifts into work mode...Wouldn't it be cute to print it on some cute paper - add it to some chocolate and a diet coke - and give it to someone who could use a lift?The outside of the card could have the quote, and the inside could read, "I believe in y

A Special Deal...

Did you know we have quite a nice selection of religious items?   We deliver to the MTC Monday thru Friday so we carry missionary packages... (greenie packages, P-Day packages, funny ones, holiday ones, etc)  The packages are sent out daily and the deadline is 12:30.  They are taken the same-day!  Call us for more info. We have many baptism gifts...  the one pictured is full of fun items for the child to take out and learn what baptism is all about.  We also carry necklaces, bracelets, tie tacks, book of mormons, stickers, bookmarks - and then many little treat gift bags that we make up ourselves! And of course, our "famous" Visiting Teaching messages.  This is a picture of this months V.T. message.  It is copied on a 17" paper, so you UNFOLD it to read the message.  Two yummy Mrs. Calls caramels are tied on the outside!  This month they are $2.50 each. So here is the deal!  Mention this blog post and you can get this month's V.T. message for only  $2.00 a pie

Want Five Bucks?

Would you like 5 bucks to spend at our store?  If you put OUR link on YOUR blog, we will send you a 5 DOLLAR GIFT CARD in the mail!  Just email us your blog, along with your name & address -it's that easy!   Obviously, we are trying to spread the word about Pioneer Party...and all the fun things that we do at our store.  Since we are new to the blogging world, PLEASE leave a comment and tell us what you want to read about!   Happy Blogging!

Did you Know...?

Even those of you who have shopped at Pioneer Party for years might not know all the services we offer or merchandise that we here are a few that you might not have realized we have.  We are constantly looking for new and fresh items to please our customers...which is great - there are always new things when you come in!   This is a picture of a darling mini Book of Mormon that has been wrapped in fabric.  It is nicely made with a foldover magnet to keep it shut, and a ribbon for a bookmark.  These books were sold at Swiss Days and really are great.  They are perfect for putting in your purse or car... or to give to a missionary or someone who just got baptized.   Balloon wraps -  We custom-make gifts in a balloon!  You are welcome to bring in your own merchandise, or purchase something from us to put inside.  The opening is about 6" wide.  We have done wedding rings, $3000 in cash (for a payment to a dentist!), and numerous other fun things.  You don't see th

Easy Appetizer Idea

Need a cute, easy, and YUMMY appetizer idea?  Well here you go! You will need graham crackers, strawberries, cream cheese and chocolate. Break the graham cracker into two pieces and spread cream cheese evenly over the surface. Cut up strawberries and place them on top of the cream cheese and then drizzle chocolate on top of them. Serve chilled and enjoy! These would be fun to do for all you who are hosting or going to a party! Of course, you should come and grab some colored napkins from us to add a splash of color!


Wow!  We are so excited for this new year!  Christmas and New Years is always fun, but it's always nice to take down the red and green and put up the pinks!  Valentine's Day is next and it is our favorite day of the year!  It is always our busiest season - and for a very good reason!  We are experts at the cute little gifts that everyone wants to give for Valentine's Day... those cheesy little things that are just so fun and unique!  We have already decked out our store in pinks, reds, and other "fluffy" stuff - just walking in will get you in the mood!  We will be giving you lots of ideas to do on your own, as well as hundreds (really!) of fun things to buy and give!   "Love is such a big word, it really should have more letters."  - I saw this quote today and thought it was so cute!  Start thinking lovey-dovey...