May Visiting Teaching

This month's message is a collection of 5 different quotes from the April General Conference.   The quotes are printed on textured cardstock in either mint, buttercup, or caramel brown.  They are attached together with a darling flower die-cut - and then topped with a delicious Lindor mint.   They look especially fabulous when they are all spread out in the shape of an old-fashioned fan.  The colors, prints, and ribbon are different on each message - giving each one it's own eclectic look.    If you would like these shipped to you, drop us an email.  They are $2.99 each (plus s&h). Enjoy Visiting Teaching!  


Check out our new products! One of our favorites is the " textile gift box set " which includes a fabric wrapped box, gift tag, lots of ribbon, and tissue paper ! Everything is color coordinated with darling modern prints . They come in small and medium for $4.99 and $5.99. It is so nice to be able to pick up ONE simple package and have ALL you need to wrap a gift in style ! Your gift will totally stand out in the crowd. Plus, if you recieve a Hullabaloo box, you can reuse it for storage or another gift! The other product we carry are baskets and interchangeable basket liners . These are great for decorating with, organizing, storing, or gifting!

Easter Sales Galore

Do you need some last minute things? Gifts? Toys? Candy? Here are our sales for this week: All Easter Stuffed Animals - 30% off Easter Card Games - 40% off Easter Candy Bars - 5 for $3.50 (yummy Mini Eggs!) Easter Glass Decor - 40 % off Easter Greeting Cards - 1/2 off! If you are running short on time or ideas, let us wrap up your Easter Gifts. Drop them off and we can have them all done and beautiful when you come back. Balloon Wraps are a great way to wrap Easter presents, especially for kids, and they are only $6.99 this week.

Did you get to watch Studio 5?

If you have missed us on TV the last few times, here are the links! Maybe you can get some inspiration for your upcoming project... (Easter Wrapping Ideas) (St. Patricks Gift Ideas) (Valentine Gift Ideas) If you are a new customer or haven't been our store before, these segments will give you a little taste of what you are missing!!

Watch Us on TV - Monday the 6th

We are going to be on KSL's Studio 5 show again, Monday the 6th!  Callee  will be presenting ideas on "Unique Ways to Wrap your Easter Present."  When - Monday, April 6th - 11:00 am What - KSL Channel 5 - Studio 

And the Winner Is...

The "Clements Family!" You know who you are!! Come in the store to pick up your $15.00 gift card. And for the others who didn't win this time... keep checking back to try and win the next contest!! We will do one again next month!

April Visiting Teaching Messages

You can now do your Visiting Teaching for April!  Wahoo!   On the outside we have tied a little bag of deluxe  yogurt covered pretzels ( way yummy ) along with a die cut of a key... Open up the package and there are three separate pieces of paper.  The first one is titled, " Study Them... ", turn the page to see " Search Them..." and on the last page, " Treasure Them. "  On each page there are different quotes from the Ensign to go along with the titles. We hope this month's message will be something the ladies you visit teach will be able to tuck away in their own scriptures or files to look back at and remember how important the scriptures really are!  If you want to order these to be mailed, please email us at, or call 801-768-3549.