Studio 5 - Valentine Gifts

Want some Valentine Gift Ideas?
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Valentine Hot Air Balloon

I just had to show you this!  Wouldn't it be so much fun to send this to your work on Friday?!   Or surprise your kids with one in the middle of your living room on Sunday?  
I just think it makes such a statement!   Order yours today by calling our store at 801-768-3549 Cost for one just like this is $35.99 You can also have the balloon tied to a basket - and fill it up with gifts and treats!

I Love you Because

A few years ago, we created a bag line called, 
"I love you because..." Each bag has a tag that starts with "I love you because..." and then each has a different reason that went along with what treat was inside the bag. The idea being that you would give a little "I love you" bag to your honey the 5 or 6 days leading up to Valentine's Day...  For example:  "I love you're my BIG HUNK!"  or  "I love you because... of all the EXTRA little things you do for me" So those are easy, right?  You can do that!
Come up with 3 or 4 reasons why you love your man (or kids) and create your little gifts.   These are great to leave on the seat of a car, on the bathroom counter, on a pillow, etc. If you need a little help, let us know!  We can do special orders with 24 hours notice.

Heart Shaped Rice Crispy Pops

Fun for school treats, a party favor, or just a little project for the little ones! Just make your rice crispy squares as usual, cut out the heart, and insert the stick!  Then place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to set up; melt your chocolate and take each cooled rice crispy heart and dip in chocolate.  Then add your sprinkles, and place upright in a jar to dry (then the chocolate won't get messed up on either side).  Use your cellophane sacks to wrap them up and tie on your ribbon!   (for more detailed instructions, click HERE)

Valentine Fruit Kabobs

Oh my goodness!  LOVE this idea!  How darn cute!

Grab your small heart cookie cutter and your popsicle sticks (or wooden skewers) and you are set!  Oh - and don't forget the dip.  A little bit of cool whip and a little bit of strawberry yogurt is all you'll need to have a darling little afternoon snack, breakfast platter, or even serve at a girls night out this month!

Countdown to Valentine's Day

So there are only 12 days left until the BIG DAY of love!  We are SO EXCITED!  If you live close, you won't want to miss all the cute ideas and gifts we have available right now... but if you are not close by -  we will be posting an idea a day until the 14th! 
This one you will have to do FAST.  If you have small kids, they will be so excited to help you make a quick Valentine Countdown... it will help the next 12 days go by a little faster for those inquiring minds.
Today I did a VERY simple old-school red and pink chain made out of just plain old cardstock.  My 4 year old cut the strips and then stapled them together.  We wrote on each one (1-12) and then hung it in his room. I know it's not the cutest thing in the world, but he ABSOLUTELY loved it! 
Here is a picture of another simple idea,but REALLY cute!
A muffin tinturned on it's side...
Cover each muffin hole with a round die cut, embellished as much as you want...add a little treat inside, and you're done!  Pretty …

Love Anonymously...

Valentine's is our favorite time of year at Pioneer Party! It is also a great time of year to let someone know they are loved. Everyone loves getting gifts...
so what's better than receiving a gift? Receiving it anonymously! This year, we thought we'd help you out with that: Purchase a gift for someone you love,
and we'll give it to them for you.... anonymously! Come check it out!  And if you purchase a gift,
you'll get to add a link to our Love Chain! Won't it be fun to see how many links we can get?