Dear Guest,

Most of you may not realize that we have a whole panel of creative experts that are ready and willing to help you when your in a creative crunch.  One of our wonderful guests called us up and needed help with a favor for a party that she was throwing.  However, it wasn't just any ordinary party... it was a PMS Party!  She didn't know what to do for a favor, but she knew how much she wanted to spend for each one.  So she gave us her budget, her color scheme, and her time frame, and we came up with something fun and unique just for her party!  It turned out so great that we wanted to share it with the rest of our loyal readers, so here it is: Contents in the Official PMS Survival Kit: Paperclip: To hold it all together Pills: For those achy times Hot Compress: For even more of those achy times Band-Aid: For when feelings get hurt (Disclaimer: Does NOT need to be used for your feelings) Tissue: Cause it's okay to cry and not know why... Tampon: Self-Explanatory Rubber Ban

To All You Facebookers Out There:

Become our friend!  We will be offering great deals and ideas on our Facebook page, so come join in the fun!  Share your ideas, ask us questions, whatever.  We are here to help with all of your creative needs!

Calling All Room Moms!

As you all know, the end of the school year is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?  Pretty soon kids will be turning in their pencils and papers for parade candy and water balloons.  But before we get there... let's not forget the teachers!  We have gathered our team of creative experts to try to come up with some fun teacher appreciation gifts.  We have quite a few fun things to give as individuals, but what about as a class?  So after giving it some thought, we decided that one of the funnest gifts to give as a class is a candy bar poster!  We know it's a little old fashioned... so we've come up with one using unique, old fashioned candy .  And with you're own unique added touch, it's not old fashioned, it becomes nostalgic! Hope this will help all of you out there struggling with a budget and ideas. Check it out: Dear Teacher, LOOK the RIESEN for the poster is so that U-NO you're worth a CUP-O-GOLD .  You make learning magical!  All you hav

Boutique Vendors Needed

We are looking for some vendors for our summer Sidewalk Boutiques! Do you or someone you know make something  that is unique, fun or creative?   We are looking for you!   On the first Saturday of each month, starting in June, Pioneer Party will be hosting our annual Sidewalk Boutiques.  We try to get a good mix of merchandise - stuff you don't see at just every boutique in town - and set it up on the sidewalk like an old fashioned street bizaar.   A little music, some yummy treats, and some great people! If you are interested in selling your product, contact us at for more details.

April Visiting Teaching Message & Gift

So here is the April Visiting Teaching Gift... It's bright and springy and all ready to give! "It's time to BLOOM!" "Seek & Receive Personal Revelation,  and watch your testimony GROW..." (Isn't that cello sack darling?  We fell in love with it!) Includes the full message, a package of flower seeds,  and a yummy chocolate treat!   The front yellow piece is blank so that you could even slip it out,  write a personal note, and slip it right back in!  Such a cute way to give the message as well as a little gift! Perfect for those hard to reach sisters, or just to spice up the  usual visit. Visit our store in Lehi to purchase, or online at HAPPY SPRING!

Easter Oreos

I came across this easy idea and wanted to share.   I LOVE oreo's with a passion - so I am definitely going to try these!   Visit  Picky Palate for instructions. Enjoy!

April Fool's Day is Coming!

Pranks are always a fun way to show someone you love them ... after all, do you really ever prank someone you dislike?  We thought we'd help out with a few ideas of some fun ways to prank your friends and family: 1.   Chocolate Dipped Cotton Balls:  Can you even imagine biting into one of those?  Just melt some chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir in some cotton balls.  Place on wax paper to dry. 2.   The Classic Rubber Band Trick:  If you have a kitchen sink with a sprayer on it... just wrap a rubber band around it and when someone goes to turn on the sink- they'll get wet!  This one's a classic, but it gets my family ever year! 3.   False Alarm:  Send your hubby an "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" balloon to their work...  We even deliver! Did you know that we carry fun cheap pranks at our store?  From fake gum to disappearing ink... we've got more than a few choices to help you decide which prank you'll be