New Years Eve Party Ideas

This is a re-post from last year when we were on Studio 5 for New Years Ideas...Hope you can find something fun to do for your party!
Here are some of the ideas we talked about on Studio 5 today... Make a New Years Eve (Christmas) Tree: Turn your Christmas Tree into a New Years one! Right after Christmas take down all decorations and store away. Get a combination of horns, blowers, balloons, garland, streamers, confetti – and decorate the tree! Keep it up for the week in between Christmas and New Years to get in the spirit! Right before midnight, guests or family members grab what they want off the tree to ring in the New Year! A FUN PARTY THEME IDEA: Countdown by the Hour (Use a CLOCK theme to carry throughout the decorations and activities) -Paint kids faces white, then use black to draw clock hands. -White balloons (or clear filled with confetti) can be drawn on to look like a clock. -Have guests bring an alarm clock (and gather all of your own)… set the alarms to all go off at mid…


Just wanted to let you know we have put one whole aisle of Christmas merchandise at 40% off!   Come get stickers, decorations, tablecovers, stocking stuffers, and lots more at 40% off!  It will be worth going out in this crazy snow... Happy Holidays

Christmas Chocolate Special

So you buy a 27 lb box of chocolate covered cinnamon bears, and you get 54 cellophane bags and a roll of ribbon.  You can split it up into 54 1/2 lb. gifts, or 27 1 lb gifts...!  Call & order yours today!

Thank You Brooke

In our copy center, we have a little center for kids to sit and color while mom or dad makes copies.  We have clothespins to hang up the pictures, and this is what I found today while I was straightening up.  

IT MADE OUR DAY HERE AT PIONEER PARTY! So thank you to Brooke for coloring this beautiful picture!

American Express Promotion

American Express is doing a small business promotion throughout December...  So here's the deal- you spend $25 at Pioneer Party, and receive a $25 credit on your card!   What a deal!   All you need to do is register your card beforehand, and then come SHOPPING!   If you already use American Express you won't want to miss out on this -  you'll be getting $25 in merchandise basically FREE! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas & Free Downloads

As seen on Studio 5... Teacher Gift Tags
If you saw our segment on Studio 5, you will have a good idea of what the following tags can be used for! 
The first idea is to fill a stocking full of school supplies  for a fun yet practical teacher gift:  Just click on the image & print.   You may have to adjust the size depending upon your stocking.  Stylish $5 stockings available online

The next tag is perfect to attach to a cello bag with 2-3 jolly rancher sticks  (sold on our website here) Print on red or lime green, add some festive polka dot ribbon -  and you have a very inexpensive gift! Great for teachers or friends... You can buy them already made if you'd like!

This tag is just right to tie to a mason jar full  of the mini jolly ranchers!  

Hope this helps make your Teacher Gift Giving  a little easier this year!

If you missed the segment, watch the video to see how the gifts above look all finished,  as well as about 6 other ideas! Enjoy!

December 2010 Visiting Teaching Message

The message from the Ensign is entitled, "Our Responsibility to Participate in Temple & Family History Work."   We have added to the top of the message, "Share the Joy of Salvation this Season - the Greatest Gift of All" A vintage paper cone is filled with a touch of red excelsior,  the complete message from the Ensign, a Utah truffle Chocolate Bar, and an old fashioned picture of the Salt Lake Temple (with the scripture "and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers" D&C 2:2).  .  The cone is closed with a beautiful ribbon and a hand cut tag that reads, "Share the Joy." The beautiful paper and temple picture were designed exclusively for Pioneer Party - making this month's gift quite a treasure...We think it turned out beautiful!   We hope you can take this gift and as you share your testimony & thoughts with your sisters, also wish them a very Merry Christmas.  We truly hope that this gift will inspire many to particip…