Spring Decoration...

Even though it SNOWED here in Utah this weekend... I am still hoping/wishing/praying for some nice SPRING weather!  So to get me in the mood... I printed this Spring Subway Art out this weekend, put it in my shabby white frame, added some greenery around it, and I now have a little corner of spring in my house!  

Picture courtesy of eighteen25blogspot.com


LDS General Conference Ideas

We've had a lot of you ask if we have any ideas to keep your kids interested {busy} during General Conference this weekend... so we've compiled a few ideas from around the blog world for you.  

#1 - CONFERENCE TREAT BUCKETS - by Brown Paper Packages

Basically the idea is to get some buckets, label them with words you want your kids to listen for, and let them pick a treat when they hear that word spoken in one of the talks!  Awesome, huh?

Don't have time or want to spend money on buckets and vinyl?  
Use mason jars and print out words from your computer. (be cute & colorful to see the candies)
Have your kids help you color your labels and tape them on!
Also, my little ones can't read yet - so I will probably find pictures of the temple, the scriptures, etc. for our treat buckets!  (If time permits, I will post the pictures I find so you can use them too!)


Just as the people gathered to hear King Benjamin...
Think of how much fun little ones would have listening to the Prophet in their very own tent.
Whether you make one out of blankets and chairs, or you have a real tent to set up - 
Deck it out with pillows, notepads, snacks, etc. and let the kiddos play make believe!


We love Sugardoodle.net!  They make it so easy to plan lessons, activities and so much more.  Click on the links below to download a packet specific for the ages of your kids.  Or check out their entire collection of conference ideas here.

YOUTH PACKET  - for ages 12 and up.  Setting goals, taking notes, facts about the Apostles, etc.

IDEAS FOR TOTS  from Oopsey Daisy.  Lots of ideas to keep toddlers busy!

NOTE PAGE FOR ADULTS from Visiting Teaching.net.  A great printable to put into a binder, and keep all your General Conference notes together throughout the years! 

JUNIOR PRIMARY AGED PACKET - coloring, dot to dots, search for hidden pictures, etc.  Love this one!

Well, there you go!  Should be enough to get you started at least!  Let us know if you have any fun or unique ideas that have worked for your family.  We'd love to hear!  


New Products!

We just got some new products in, and I couldn't wait to share!!

Check out these zebra baby gauchos!!  
They come in 3-6 months & 6-12 months.
So. Darn. Cute.

And the baby zebra leggings...

And the baby & kid sized peacock feather headbands.
To die for, aren't they?


Happy St. Patrick's Day

from our little Leprechauns to YOU!
Hope you have a fun day filled with tricks, treats, and treasures!

If you haven't done anything festive yet today, here are a few quick and easy ideas:

Make your dinner green:  green milk, green pancakes, green eggs, etc.
Turn furniture, pictures, and anything else upside down and tell your kids the leprechaun came and he is so silly he likes to play tricks on us!
Leave a trail of gold leading to a fun surprise - even if it's just a can of soda!  Your kids will love it!
Have your kids pretend that THEY are the leprechaun, and have them doorbell ditch neighbors to leave a green treat.

Have fun with it & GET YOUR GREEN ON!


You Can Do Hard Things

I love this phrase!!  All year it keeps popping up in unexpected places... at the school, in a church talk, etc.  So I decided I wanted something to put in my front room to remind my family that "We Can Do Hard Things!"  

That brings my talented mom into the picture... I got things semi-ready, and then put her to work!  
Look how darling these turned out.  

Do you want one for a gift or for YOUR family?
Email or call with your color scheme...
Give us about a week (give or take)
And you can have your very own!

Approximately 12"x14"
Selling for $22


Meet Denise

I've been wanting to introduce Denise to you for awhile now...
She is one of the KEY masterminds behind all of our creative gifts.
(there are many gals that are SO creative, but she might take the cake!)

After Christmas, the front of our store was so bare...We decided we would love some swags for Valentines Day.  I asked her to help and she whipped these darling babies out!  They turned out so cute and just made the front of our store look so festive!  

A few interesting facts about "DC":

*She was on the BYU Skydiving Team back in the day...
(She graduated with a Bachelors in Child Development & Family Relations)
*Been married to her sweetheart for 33 years, has 3 children and 10 grandchildren
*Currently the Primary President in her LDS ward.
*Loves horses, snorkeling in the Caribbean, sports, sewing, playing the piano & guitar
* Loves eating Italian, Mexican, salads, Jr. Mints, and Maple Bars from Lehi Country Bakery (which just happens to be next door!)

"Working at Pioneer Party was a perfect match for me.  I love working with people and creating ideas for the store.  You never know what personal request will be coming through the door. Challenging but sooooo fun.  I've been with Pioneer party for over 12 years. I love making up sayings that play on words. Our customers are always happy and wanting to have a great party... is there no better place to work?"

Some of Denise's originals are:
The Birthday Bra
Big Girl Panties
Birthday Toilet Paper Package
Tu-Tu Cute Birthday
Book of Love 
Santa's Naughty or Nice Book
Etc. Etc. Etc.!!

She can seriously take ANYTHING and make it cute. 
So if you're in a bind and need a gift, see if Denise is around!
She might just have to start taking appointments!!

Thanks Denise, we love you!!


March Visiting Teaching Gift

This month's visiting teaching gift is bright and cheery with a lime green and purple theme...
The bag is tall & thin, with the full message folded inside and four gold coins (chocolate, of course!) for a yummy treat as well as to remind us that the priesthood truly is a treasure.

Lucky to have the Priesthood... it's a Treasure!

In our Lehi store
and now at
Shaybees in Springville!