Easter Sales

Just a quick note to let you know  all our Easter plush is 40% off!   We have some great brands and darling  little guys just ready to sit in an Easter basket! Also, this weekend come in, crack an egg open at checkout,  and receive 1 0% or 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!   OR 40% off one item!   It's just a little way to say Happy Easter   to our favorite guests.  

Did You Hear The Buzz???

Our dear weatherman says Spring just might finally be here!  (Hooray!)  And what better way to spend those little ones' Spring birthdays than with a fun bug party.  Check out this super cute bug party!  And then don't forget to come into the store so we can help you with the candy, tags, invitations, butterfly nets, balloons, tissue balls, goody bags, cellophane, piƱatas, tableware, gummy worms...the whole works!  Don't forget, we can ship any of our makings to you also. We made these darling classroom treats for cute little Isabel Ladybug's birthday.  Isn't this the cutest balloon ever?  We also make butterflies, dragonflies, and spiders that would spice up any bug party! Not sure what to do at your party?  How about a good game of buzz buzz sting (duck, duck, goose), go on a bug treasure hunt, decorate bug cupcakes, have an ugly bug fashion show, face paint, make bug catchers, or have a coloring contest!  You're little spring party goers are sure to have

Visiting Teaching Appointment Anyone?

Just wondering if you've scheduled your appointments this month yet... Me?  Nope!  I got a new partner and new ladies and I just haven't gotten into the swing of things yet.  But I will!!  And I will be bringing each one of them one of these cute little gifts... The message from the Ensign is titled, "The Purpose of Relief Society."   We have included the full message printed on a pastel yellow cardstock (folded inside)... along with a yummy Easter chocolate treat.   The tag simply says, "Relief Society" and then on the edges, it reads, "eggstra ordinary"  repeated all around.  Because it is, right!?  There are so many aspects about the Relief Society as an organization that make it special.   The sheer polka dot bags vary in color as well as the treats... and you can't go wrong with the treats that are included!  Cadbury Mini Eggs, Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, or Snickers Eggs.   Yummm..... Hope you have a month full of fun & happy v

Spring Decoration...

Even though it SNOWED here in Utah this weekend... I am still hoping/wishing/praying for some nice SPRING weather!  So to get me in the mood... I printed this Spring Subway Art out this weekend, put it in my shabby white frame, added some greenery around it, and I now have a little corner of spring in my house!   Picture courtesy of Go here to download & print.

LDS General Conference Ideas

We've had a lot of you ask if we have any ideas to keep your kids interested {busy} during General Conference this weekend... so we've compiled a few ideas from around the blog world for you.   #1 - CONFERENCE TREAT BUCKETS - by Brown Paper Packages Basically the idea is to get some buckets, label them with words you want your kids to listen for, and let them pick a treat when they hear that word spoken in one of the talks!  Awesome, huh? Don't have time or want to spend money on buckets and vinyl?   Use mason jars and print out words from your computer. (be cute & colorful to see the candies) Have your kids help you color your labels and tape them on! Also, my little ones can't read yet - so I will probably find pictures of the temple, the scriptures, etc. for our treat buckets!  (If time permits, I will post the pictures I find so you can use them too!) #2 - SET UP YOUR TENTS!   Just as the people gathered to hear King Benjamin... Think of how much fun lit

New Products!

We just got some new products in, and I couldn't wait to share!! Check out these zebra baby gauchos!!   They come in 3-6 months & 6-12 months. So. Darn. Cute. And the baby zebra leggings... And the baby & kid sized peacock feather headbands. To die for, aren't they?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

from our little Leprechauns to YOU! Hope you have a fun day filled with tricks, treats, and treasures! If you haven't done anything festive yet today, here are a few quick and easy ideas: Make your dinner green:  green milk, green pancakes, green eggs, etc. Turn furniture, pictures, and anything else upside down and tell your kids the leprechaun came and he is so silly he likes to play tricks on us! Leave a trail of gold leading to a fun surprise - even if it's just a can of soda!  Your kids will love it! Have your kids pretend that THEY are the leprechaun, and have them doorbell ditch neighbors to leave a green treat. Have fun with it & GET YOUR GREEN ON!